Supernatural - Castiel Spilled The Truth

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A word of advice: This story, Supernatural, includes things like God, Heaven, Hell, Angel, Demon, so, as a Muslims, don't take these things to seriously. It just how the story goes.

Last week episode of Supernatural we learned two important things, one, Crowley the King of Hell is still alive and Castiel is working with him which means the part where Castiel burned Crowley bones is just an act. This week episode, Castiel revealed what is really happening to him since they put down Lucifer and Michael. Also, many question left unanswered before is answered here, so this is quite an important episode that you surely can't miss if you a Supernatural fans of course.


Well, Crowley is pretty much alive in fact they have been working together ever since the whole Michael Lucifer thing end. When the wars end, we know that Castiel were brought back right after being smite by Lucifer into pieces, then Castiel went back to heaven and some of the Angel favor him to become a leader but he says he wanted all of the angel to have their freedom. In the meantime, remember Raphael? one of the Archangle, wanted to rule the heaven and bring back the Apocalypse that Dean, Sam, Bobby and Castiel has put to stop. Castiel wont agree with Raphael scheme and planning to went against him but Raphael, being an Archangle is much powerful than he is. So Castiel went for help, he met Dean, well not literally met, he just standing there watching Dean with his normal life now and deciding not to burden him anymore. Then come the new big boss Devil, replacing Lucifer, Crowley. Crowley know all about the plan to fight against Raphael and propose to Castiel to help him. To fight off Raphael, Crowley suggest that they working together to find this Purgatory. 

What is Purgatory?

Purgatory, in my understanding is where monsters, like vampire, werewolves, djinn goes when they died. We, human goes to Hell or Heaven right. So, Crowley been hunting monster down for quite some time to grilled information from them about the location of Purgatory. Crowley been using hunter like Dean and Sam grandfather who he brings back from dead to help him, then come along the souless Sam, and Dean cause Crowley promise to return Sam soul if they manage to find the purgatory for him. Well, it didn't lasted long when Castiel 'killed' Crowley by burning his bones remain. Finding purgatory could cause all the monster inside will get released. That's is what Dean and Sam trying to stop right now

Why Castiel needs Purgatory?

Well, think purgatory as some treasure chest and all the monster soul in it as a money. To fight someone stronger than you, of course you'll be needing money and all that to buy a weapon right. In this case, Castiel need all the soul he can grab as a power up to kick Raphael ass.

Mother of all, Eve

Here's another new big boss in the series, well, at least I thought so but she just alive in a couple episode of Supernatural after being killed by Dean. Turns out, Eve only wanted Crowley ass cause he's been killing her child (all the monster) and that is where Dean and Sam learned that Crowley is still alive.

"Superman" and "Kriptonite" ruins everything

Castiel did a good job in lying to Dean and Sam about the whole Castiel-Crowley-working-together thing especiall Dean who've been really loyal to him. Bobby and Sam already suspecting Cass cause he's an angel after all, there's no way he could make mistake in killing Crowley unless he's doing in on purpose. Well, some demon attacked Dean, Sam and Bobby and Castiel came to the rescue. He gained their trust again until the word "Superman" come out his mouth. The thing is, earlier, there were a conversation between Sam, Dean and Bobby about "Superman gone bad" and all (they were referring to Castiel of course) and Castiel was in there all the time spying on them. Dean finally realized and they set a trap for Cass.

Castiel spilled the truth

Dean, Sam and Bobby managed to trick Cass into an Angel trap and force Castiel to tells the truth. Castiel told them everything including the fact that he's the one who released Sam from the cage where Lucifer and Michael were trapped. Im not quite sure whether he's doing it on purpose to left Sam soul behind and created a soulless Sam that have been a great 'tool' to them (Castiel-Crowley-Conspiracy) in hunting all the monster. Cass tried to explain to them that he had to do what he had to do but they didnt buy it. Crowley came but the Winchesters and Bobby is long gone. At the end of episode, Castiel ask for God sign whether what he's been doing all along is right or wrong. End of episode 20 season 6, 2 more episode to go till the end of season 6.

Damn, they're pretty much enemy now, hate to see them fighting each other!



Well done! :) i just hope Castiel will forever stay.