Disallowed Higuain goal Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2nd Leg Semifinal UCL

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whoa..nicely done Macherano!! nice dive there!! You should get an Oscar for that!!

“Higuain's goal is nothing more. It was another [decision against us], like always,” Iker Casillas told the media. “It's not normal to get so much help.”

-Iker Casillas

“Sometimes, it's disgusting to live in this world,” he blurted. “We need an early goal in Barcelona to get back in the tie, but even if we manage to do that, they'll just kill our chances again... Uefa doesn't allow any team to really do something against them.
“Guardiola is a great coach, but I'd be embarrassed if I'd won the tournament like that after the scandal at Stamford Bridge [two years ago],” the two-time European champion continued, not doing his own standing any favours in the eyes of neutrals. “He deserves to win the Champions League in normal fashion. You'd want him to achieve that, because he's a great person and I have a lot of respect for him.”

-Jose Mourinho

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