Castle - Knockout

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Yet another series meet its season end today and once again I'm about to runs out of series to watch. So, few days back I've post the trailer for this week episode and now it's all gonna be answered.

Beckett's Mom Murder Case

This incident was happen a quite long time ago, back when Beckett were still kids, her mother was a laywer, witnessed some mob-kidnapping activity, get deep into it and got killed by some very powerful man. Beckett been trying to solve the case ever since she's been joining the force and until she become a homicide detective now. The case has gone cold a while until Castle came and help her brings it back alive and got a couple of potential suspect. All the suspect got killed one-by-one by a killer who was hired by a very powerful unknown man to cover up his dirty work. The killer then got caught by Beckett and prisoned. Beckett visit him every week to ask the very same question, 'Who hired you?' and still, no answer until the killer somehow managed to escape during the trial and start killing all the suspect again. So it leaved Beckett and her team to another dead end.

The Killer escapes!

Montgomery the 3rd Cops

No one could've thought that Montgomery were also behind all this Beckett's mother murder case. Apparently, he's one of the cops, or the 3rd cops they been finding that related to the case. But Montgomery didn't kill Beckett's mother, he just involved with the whole mob-kidnapping thingy but still, he's responsible for that. The killer came in contact with Montgomery saying that he had to put down Beckett cause she's going too far and asked him to set a trap to lure in Beckett otherwise his family will die.

Being a good cop and all, we know Montgomery not gonna get down without a fight, he choose not to hands in Beckett but he still asked her to come to confess everything before asked Castle to brought her out so that he can deal with the killer himself.

armed up before the fight
picture of Montgomery with other suspects during their old times together
Ryan and Esposito got into a fight because of it

Ryan and Esposito went to some bar for their investigation and also had it all figured out that Montgomery was the 3rd cop, they got into a little fight arguing about it but it all fine. They warned Beckett about it, but its too late, Montgomery already in front of her.

He confessed everything to Beckett and told her to get out of the way so that he could deal with the killer himself. Beckett refused, but Castle was there to brought her out and a couples of bang bang and they all died, so does the killer.

Capt Montgomery, died in action

They decided to keep the story to themselves and let Captain Montgomery died as a hero, well deserved it after all.

Castle Confessions

When Beckett got too obsessed with finding the killer, Castle got worried, even Beckett's father came to him knowing that only him could stop Beckett from get herself killed by pursuing the killer. Turns out even Castle couldn't. They even got into a fight which is a very rare thing to happen.

Castle also done his part on keeping Beckett out while Montgomery 'deals' with the killer and during the last part of the episode, when Beckett was giving out a speech about Montgomery at the cemetery, someone is trying to kill her. Castle noticed but he was too late, while Beckett is gasping for her last breath, Castle confessed that he loved her.

Did Beckett survived? Hell yes she will but let just makes it more suspense and wait for the answer in the next season of Castle.