RON97 = RM2.90 per liter, RON95 = ?

Filed Under (), (), () by hafizhans on May 4, 2011

Whew, thank god RON95 price is still the same = RM1.90 per liter, otherwise I'm gonna have to ask my boss to stop practical training early cause I cannot afford any more extra expenses on car petrol to go to work and DONT GET PAID! hahah. The price of RON97 right now is believed to be the highest in our history. I used to choose RON97 before, when the price is kinda low cause according to my friend it is pretty much the same with 95 and got a better performance but now? no thank you. huhu


selamat bertukar ke RON95......minyak naik lagi..baru bulan lepas naik

minyak naik, barang naik, dkt berita cite pasal video seks nk jd Malaysia ni