Summer Shopping: Who should Chelsea buy?

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Coming off the back of the club’s first ever double-winning season, it is hard to suggest that the Chelsea squad currently at Carlo Ancelotti’s disposal needs too much of a facelift.

He has quality in the majority of positions in his first XI and, with reports suggesting Real Madrid manager-elect Jose Mourinho will not move to sign Frank Lampard again this summer, it is looking as though the Italian won't have to worry about persuading his main stars to remain at Stamford Bridge during the close season.

However, there are a couple of reasons to suggest that Ancelotti will be more active in this transfer window than he was in January — when he famously pledged to run around the club’s training ground naked if he signed anyone (he didn’t). As critics have long been quick to point out, the team’s average age is not getting any younger, and the former AC Milan coach will undoubtedly look to buy in some long-term successors to the likes of Didier Drogba and Lampard sooner rather than later.

As Joe Cole, Deco, Juliano Belletti and even Michael Ballack (all important contributors at times throughout the Premier League campaign) could all leave the club this summer, Ancelotti will also need to find a replacement or two for next year's title defence.

The Italian has already promised to blend "four or five" academy graduates into his first team squad, which will cover gaps in some areas. But with Roman Abramovich seemingly willing to finance certain signings in this window despite his continuing aim of self-sufficiency, it seems probable that Ancelotti will look to spend most of the minimum £22 million (the club's total spend last summer) that will almost certainly be made available to him over the next few months.


The club are fully stocked in this position, with No.1 Petr Cech coming off the back of a solid season (jointly leading the Premier League in clean sheets along with Liverpool's Jose Reina), and with two fine understudies in Henrique Hilario and Ross Turnbull.

Hilario might even be sold if a surprising offer comes in during or after the World Cup (he is in Portugal’s squad) — especially as young Croatian Matej Delac will finally arrive at the club to start his quest to be Cech’s long-term successor.


This is another area where Ancelotti is going to be in no hurry to make additions — simply because he doesn’t need to. Ashley Cole and Yury Zhirkov proved themselves this season to be two fine left-back options in Ancelotti’s system, while Branislav Ivanovic and the (hopefully) fit-again Jose Bosingwa — who will seem like a new signing after missing almost the entire campaign last season — offer the same luxury on the opposite flank.

Central defence might be a weakness, with only three solid first-team options (John Terry, Alex and Ricardo Carvalho) to call upon, at least two of them having valid injury concerns. Ivanovic can obviously come across to play his preferred position in the centre if needs be, but Ancelotti might look to add a young stopper to his ranks (at the right price), although academy graduates Jeffrey Bruma and Sam Hutchinson undoubtedly have the ability to be versatile back-ups, something they showed on occasion last season.

If he does choose to add a centre-back, he may well head to Italy for his shopping. Azzurri World Cup squad member Leonardo Bonucci might be of interest to Ancelotti, especially as he combined with Andrea Ranocchia at unfashionable Bari on loan last season to keep the best defensive record in Serie A (until the later got injured). Napoli’s Fabiano Santacroce might be another target, but Ancelotti is unlikely to demand the club part with the £10m-plus that might be needed to land either of the those targets, especially as they are destined primarily to warm the bench in major games for a few seasons.


This is the first area that obviously need strengthening. Like Bosingwa, the return of Michael Essien next season will feel like having a new signing, but even with him to call upon Ancelotti will surely look to add another defensive midfielder to the squad — especially as two players he adapted to the role last season, Ballack and Belletti, could be leaving in the summer, while another, Mikel, proved not ideally suited to the position last season.

Roma’s Daniele De Rossi might be Ancelotti’s ideal signing, but again the price tag and reported interest of Real Madrid will probably scupper any chance of a deal. Yaya Toure of Barcelona might be a more achievable, and affordable, option (similarly Moussa Sissoko of Toulouse), while Bayern’s Bastian Schweinsteiger has hinted he might leave the club in the next few months, in which case Chelsea would be foolish not to sound out a deal.

Wigan Athletic’s Mohamed Diame could be an eminently attainable option if Ancelotti prefers to stay in the division, especially as Everton’s Jack Rodwell has committed his long-term future to the club — but if no target is landed Nemanja Matic is another player ready to step up to regular first-team action.

Ancelotti might also have designs on reintroducing the diamond again next season, a formation that could certainly work more effectively with the addition of a natural ‘trequartista’ to play at the tip. Both Luka Modric and Yossi Benayoun have been linked, but Palermo’s Javier Pastore might be a surprise target for the Blues — the emerging Argentine has been likened to Kaka who, as no-one will need reminding, flourished under Ancelotti at Milan — and showed in his first season in European football that he has the necessary skills to be a great success.

With Palermo missing out on Champions League football, the 20-year-old could be an attractive option for the club at around £15m (nearly double what Palermo paid for his services last summer), and if he has a decent World Cup surely Abramovich will have no problem signing off on the deal.

If Ancelotti hasn’t got any designs on returning to the diamond, another solid central midfielder will still be somewhere high on his wishlist. Napoli’s Marek Hamsik has all the qualities Ancelotti might look for — physical enough to cope with the Premier League, and with the raw talent to grow into Lampard’s long-term successor. The club looked hard at the young Slovakian before January; now might be the time to make a bid for the £18m-rated creative midfielder.

With both Anelka and Drogba getting on in age, Chelsea clearly need to add a quality striker to the mix, which has seen them linked with players of the quality of Alexandre Pato, Sergio Aguero, Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez in recent weeks or months. A deal for one of those stars is not impossible (with the first two being most probable) but the expense might be somewhat prohibitive, especially as Abramovich can point to the likes of Salomon Kalou, Daniel Sturridge and even Fabio Borini as players who can have greater roles next season.

Gonzalo Higuain
should be considered if Real Madrid finally lose any remaining rationality they have and look to offload him.

But let's face it — goals were hardly a problem for Chelsea last year, and with time to sit on the bench while Drogba and Anelka play out their final few years, 17-year-old star-in the making Romelu Lukaku could pique Ancelotti's interest. The Anderlecht man has been compared to Drogba for obvious physical reasons, and might be bought — with a loan-back arrangement — for around £10m.

Out wide, in an ideal world Ancelotti would love to add a right-winger of the quality of Angel di Maria. If a striker is not signed then the Benfica man might become a viable target, although it seems unlikely the club will be able to avoid the ‘bidding wars’ they have pledged to stay away from if they want to sign him. 

If Valencia finally realise their financial situation really is as bad as everyone else seems to think it is, then Pablo Hernandez, David Silva or even Juan Mata might become options; but with Miroslav Stoch returning from a very successful loan spell with Dutch champions FC Twente, Ancelotti might simply give the young Slovak a chance to play a back-up role to Anelka out wide — especially as it would also give young wunderkind Gael Kakuta a chance to see more action out wide.

IN (3): Marek Hamsik (Napoli), Romelu Lukaku (Anderlecht), Yaya Toure (Barcelona)

OUT (3): Di Santo, Cork, Rajkovic.

LOANS OUT (4): Lukaku, Borini, van Aanholt, Sala.

Preferred Line-Up (4-3-3)


Ivanovic   Alex   Terry   A. Cole

Hamsik        Lampard

Anelka                       Malouda

I gotta say, i quite agree with this article, all the player suggested had a good quality n still young. In defence, i think its enough already, no need to sign 10mil player just to warm the bench, give chance for young Bruma to shine. As for midfield, it is good to be having Essien back next season, and someone needs to backup him, someone but not Mikel coz he's totally rubbish. Yaya Toure should be fine, and Hamsik is a must!! He's gonna be Lampard's successor after all. For the forward part, like he said, Drogba and Anelka ain't young anymore n Kalou, Studridge, Borini stil amateur, so Pato should be perfect to replace Anelka n Aguero for Drogba.That's it, that should do for Treble next season..huhu..n please Ancelotti, dont buy Benayoun..coz he's Israeli, looks what happened to Liverpool rite now..haha.

running out of series...

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i cant believe it!! when the semester break starts, i actualy got like, 14 series that released every week eventually n now its came down to only 2!! and both of them are near to its end too!! wow..what am i supposed to do for the rest of this breaks? Well, nway, sorry for being emotional. i coulnt help it coz after watchin 2 hours special of Lost series finale, i felt disappointment, a bit frustrated, both glad n sad coz the story has ended for real, not to mention emotionally touched by the scene whereas they remembered it other, they, its remind me of a feeling when i was broke up with my ex's..haha. Then another 2 hours special of season finale Chuck, whereas its ends quite brilliantly n despite the serious action, sad event, there's still a lot of laughing part in that series. thanks morgan, jeffsters, big mike n awesome, u guys were awesome even playing as minor part in the story. So, as usual, im gonna come up with a review of every series that i watched, especially the one that has ended soon enough. a bit tired today, coz i juz learned that Lost already out couple days ago n chuck season finale is today, so, with my download account has expired, i had to go to the bank, deposit money to buy a new one, wait till my account updated n suddenly my laptop buat hal, so i juz grab my sis laptop, go to the UTM (my download heaven) n suddenly, the cabel cannot be connected so i have to download it using wifi, which is juz around 100-400kbps, which is slow for me, coz usually if im using cabel, i can get till 1.0-2.0mbps. with a passion to watch how the story ends, i tell myself to be strong (poyo shal) n its worth it, every single of it. well, i think im gonna crash early tonite n here's some series that already ended or wrap up its season n soon im gonna post a review bout every single of it.

its gonna takes some time to write a review of all of them n i got plenty of time left..huhu

House MD - Season 6 review

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damn, another series wrap up their season, I'm running out series to watch right now n semester break is stil a month to go. Gotta finds some new series to watch soon..haha. Nway, lets get back to season 6 review. The season premiere 2 hours special was about how House spending his time in some rehab center coz on season finale season 5, he keeps getting hallucination due to his drug and agree to go to the mental institute to fix himself. So, his life is quite the same, jerk as ever, but he stop from taking the drugs, Vicodin. After he's been released, his psychiatrist told him not to continue his medical practice coz he thinks that the reason why  he's on drugs. So, in order for House to bear with his leg pains without drugs, he finds a new hobby such as cooking.Wilson asked him to move with him to a new apartment, coz he couldnt let House alone in his old apartment afraid he might gets back into drugs. House than realize all his hobby didnt working well so he back on practicing medicine. Turns out he's doing pretty well without the drugs. So, he's back and start recruiting his team back, Chase and Foreman was easy, but he had to persuade Thirteen and Taub to come back. So, they treating patient as usual and House is pretty much stil jerk as before but there's some changes in him. He always try to help people, well in his way,I mean the jerk way but still it went well coz he'd save many patient life, save Taub's marriage, help Wilson's relationship with his ex wife and many else. He been doing all that hoping that if he be good to other people, something good will happen to him to coz his life is pretty much miserable. So, in season finale, Wilson ex-wife is moving in, so House has to move back to his old apartment, plus Cuddy is moving in with Lucas and getting married. House getting even miserable when he'd fail to save a patient life even after he do the right things so the final 5 minutes of the season, House went back to his home, worn out, smash the mirror in the bathroom and there's a hole behind it contains a bottle of Vicodin. He pretty tense rite now coz after all he'd done, his life still miserable. While he's holding the pills in his hands, someone came in. For a second there I thought he's really gonna take drugs again and I though it was Wilson who'd came. It was Cuddy. She told House that she has ended up with Lucas coz she tried to move on but she can't, she still love House. House get up, they both kissed and his throw the pills away. 

What a happy ending for House season 6. Hope his life will gets better in upcoming season.Oh, before I forgot, Thirteen did put some letter on House's desk and was caught by Taub. She only said that she needs some time off and I think her disease is getting worse. Damn, another cute girl walks away, Cuddy is kinda hot but she's old, I hope they recruit some other cute hot Dr next season...huhu.

The Pacific (HBO miniseries) - review

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Seriously, I never thought of watching some series historical series like this. It is a miniseries produced by HBO coz its only had 10 episodes. Well, at first, the only thing makes me watch this series is that is was directed by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, wow, cool..a must watch series is what I thought in my mind. Luckily the season premiere was about to come, so I downloaded the first episode without hesitation and turns out it wasn't a total disappointment. The story basically focused on the lives of the Marine Corps, the toughest division in US Army I believe, during the World War II. Marine Corps division isn't like others, most of the time, when I watch a series or movies, some cool tough guys usually says they'd serve for marines. So, I started to wonder, why this marines guys so fearless, and I after I watched this series, I know why. During the war, they've been through hell, coz they're the one who'd be sent to infiltrate enemy base in some pacific island where the jungle lives is really extreme with all the mud, heavy rain, no clean water, and worse of all, they facing the Japanese soldier, who'd according to them, could survive there without food for quite a long time, and all the banzai thing. There actualy one incident whereas the marines hesitate to kill the Japs n suddenly the Japs blows himself

Most of the character in this series represent a real person and most of them already died. The main character should be Robert "Bob" Leckie and Eugene Sledge coz they're the one who'd shows up more in this series. After all, the idea of this series was primarily from their books and memoirs. Not to forget the legendary John Basilone, who'd wins the highest honor in US Army, the Medal of Honor after his brave action in Guadalcanal after he manage to hold of 3000 Japs army with his 15-men reduces to two mens. He also holds the burning  gattling gun with his bare hands n receives 3rd degree burns after that. They are several other marines who'd survives till now like Sidney Phillips, Burgin and they shares some of their experience in every episode beginning. The story ends with all the marines head back to town, continues their lives, getting married, finds jobs and some of them even lost their way, having nightmare every, trauma and many else.

Overall, for those who likes historical story likes Pearl Harbor, should watch this series. Even though it is mainly focused on the life of the marines, but the action in the battlefield is totally real deal, its like you even been there. Above all, I'm totally impressed on how they manage to create a 1940's settings throughout the series, must be consuming lots of money.

Fasha Sanda bertudung?

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Ayu kan bertudung? adakah berkekalan atau hanya untuk ocassion tertentu sahaja?

"Dan katakanlah kepada perempuan-perempuan yang beriman supaya menyekat pandangan mereka (daripada memandang yang haram) dan memelihara kehormatan mereka dan janganlah mereka memperlihatkan perhiasan tubuh mereka kecuali yang zahir daripadanya; dan hendaklah mereka menutup belahan leher bajunya dengan tudung kepala mereka; dan janganlah mereka memperlihatkan perhiasan tubuh mereka melainkan kepada
  • suami mereka atau
  • bapa mereka atau
  • bapa mertua mereka atau
  • anak-anak mereka, atau
  • anak-anak tiri mereka atau
  • saudara-saudara mereka atau
  • anak bagi saudara-saudara mereka yang lelaki atau
  • anak bagi saudara-saudara mereka yang perempuan, atau
  • perempuan-perempuan Islam atau hamba-hamba mereka atau
  • orang gaji dari orang-orang lelaki yang telah tua dan tidak berkeinginan kepada perempuan
  • kanak-kanak yang belum mengerti lagi tentang aurat perempuan
dan janganlah mereka menghentakkan kaki untuk diketahui orang akan apa yang tersembunyi dari perhiasan mereka dan bertaubatlah kamu sekalian kepada Allah, wahai orang-orang yang beriman, supaya kamu berjaya." (Surah An Nur : Ayat 31)

renung2kan, dan selamat beramal..huhu

"the special one" proves his legacy..

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Congrats Inter Milan for winning UEFA Champions League 09/10 early this morning after beating Bayern Munich 2-0. Both goals came from sensational striker Diego Milito and enough to sent Bayern hope to win the Cup crash into pieces. By winning the cup last night, they've complete their treble cup this season, including Seria A legue cup and Domestic cup. Its once again prove Jose Mourinho legacy as the best manager in the world and it is said that he's leaving for Real Madrid next season, claiming he's job is done cool is that?!

Mourinho (left) celebrate their winning with the players

Alberto Diego Milito - he's crash two goals last night

Well, i did hate them for beating Chelsea earlier, but Mourinho was the one who brings Chelsea alive the past few years, too bad he have to leave coz he's arguing with Chelsea's owner, Roman Abramovich. Its a shame, otherwise it would be Chelsea who holding the Cup tonight and wins its first ever treble. Let just hope Carlo Ancelotti can proves his legacy next season with Chelsea. 

above all, Jose Mourinho, u're the best manager no doubt and I salute you!!

Who will be crowned Champions..??

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"this is even bigger than the World Cup.." that what he (picture) said about the final clash between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich tonight in Champions League final tonight in Madrid. The epic battles between two big clubs, Inter, who'd already kicks Chelsea and Barcelona to get to final, and Bayern who'd kicks Manchester United and Lyon are gonna put their best effort to win the cup tonight. Bayern will be without their key player, Frank Ribery, who's on suspension because of red card on the semi final, have to rely on their other key player, Arjen Robben, who was absolutely outstanding in his first year at Bayern after fail to shine in Real Madrid and Chelsea in the past few years. Inter on the other hand, got every important player on their side tonight. Both team already wins their League title and, domestic cup and both will aiming fora treble if they wins this one tonight.

Match Facts from ESPNSoccer:

Bayern player in focus: Arjen Robben. The flying Dutch winger looks a completely different player to the one often seen on the sidelines at Real Madrid and Chelsea. A player of deep potential, Robben's goals have been a crucial part of Bayern's success in reaching the final and his pace, guile and trickery on the flanks will provide the Inter defence with their toughest test.

Inter player in focus: Wesley Sneijder. Dumped by Real Madrid in the summer, Sneijder has made the best of his move to Italy and emerged as one of the best players in Serie A. A great passer, his creative touch has made the difference for Inter in the competition and he provides a goal threat from outside of the box via his trademark free-kicks. 

Key battle: Martin Demichelis vs. Diego Milito. While there are intriguing battles across the pitch, the central one appears to be two Argentines who managed to make it into Diego Maradona's World Cup squad. After claiming he was homesick for his homeland in January (following a period out of the team), Demichelis has emerged as a central figure at the back for Bayern and will have to be at his best to stop the scoring-machine that is currently his opponent. Milito netted the goal that won Serie A for Inter and has bagged 22 in 35 games this season to become one of the leading strikers in Europe. His pace and strength will cause Bayern problems all night long. 

Tactics: A lot has been made of the two different styles of the coaches, as Van Gaal claims to play ''beautiful football'' with ''attacking style'' against Mourinho's negativity. Van Gaal likes a 4-4-2 with flying wingers and a lot of width, helped by the presence of Robben and full-backs like Philipp Lahm and Holger Badstuber, while Mark van Bommel and Bastian Schweinsteiger sure up the central areas. Mourinho will continue with his 4-2-3-1, keeping the game relatively narrow with two patrolling defensive midfielders and looking to counter with the pace of Samuel Eto'o and Milito. The battle of the four full-backs could be key, especially if Robben is given space to run at Javier Zanetti.

Bayern team news: Franck Ribery will miss the final after his suspension for being sent off against Lyon was repeatedly upheld. Hamit Altintop is likely to deputise, although van Gaal could call on the versatile Muller to make room for the likes of Miroslav Klose or Mario Gomez. 

Inter team news: Thiago Motta is also missing due to the red card he picked up against Barcelona and former Portsmouth man Sulley Muntari will come in. Mario Balotelli looks likely to be benched for such a big game, with Goran Pandev called in to play in a front three while Zanetti will continue his conversion into a left-back.

Probable Bayern team (4-4-2): Butt, Lahm, Demichelis, van Buyten, Badstuber, Altintop, Schweinsteiger, van Bommel, Robben, Olic, Muller. 

Probable Inter team (4-2-3-1): Cesar, Maicon, Lucio, Samuel, Zanetti, Cambiasso, Muntari, Sneijder, Eto'o, Pandev, Milito. 

Soccernet prediction: When the Mourinho factor is taken into account, Inter may be the ones to come away with the glory. It could be a tight affair though and don't rule out the chance of penalties to decide it.

My prediction? Jose team will win this one tonight. The fact that they already beaten two of the best club in the world, Chelsea and Barca cannot be taken lightly. And..after all, he's The Special One..

watch it LIVE tonight at 2.00am on ESPN (812)...

Fringe - Season 2 season finale exclusive review..

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yet another outstanding season for Fringe series, created by the same person who'd created Lost series, this series had become one of my favorites. Previously, I'd written quite along post about the whole story so far, and here's the season finale for season 2. Plus, I'd even put up some pictures of, I'm really obsessed on this series rite now.

So, they've made it to the other side of universe to rescue Peter and their universe. As shown in picture next to this, they're a different between their side and our side.See those flying thing and also their architecture. Let just say their technology is quite more advance that this side.
and of course..the people also slightly differ there, Olivia with a brunette hair instead of blonde which much cuter i think..huhu and Charlie still alive there!!! this side he'd died because of shape-shifting, poor him. They actualy had an actual Fringe division there, no FBI but Department of Defense.

see those brownish area? Those are part of city that had been quarantine due to anomaly from the other side. It is all started when Walter first travel here to kidnap Peter. This isnt the only place had been quarantine and it is all thanks to Walter..haha..the real Walter I mean, Walter here we called Walternate.

Walternate - Secretary of Department of Defense, also, Head of Fringe team. Wow, how cool is he, totally different from our lovely Walter who'd spent 17 years in Mental Institute, have a cow in his Lab and..well, lets juz say, the total opposite of him..huhu

Peter first encounter with the brunette yet cute Olivia. He also said he likes her hair better and she's totally different from the blonde Olivia, the ones that he loves..

Walter and William works together again to build a 'doorstep' to other side to go back there and take Peter with them, meantime, Olivia is tracking for Peter whereabouts. Apparently, Walter still really pissed with William bcoz he has stole Walter's memory and let Walter rot in mental institute while he himself become the most richest man in the world.

Olivia vs, is must be awkward pointing guns at yourself, luckily the hair isnt the same otherwise you'd become crazy already..haha. Our Olivia, the blonde hair, asking the other Olivia for Peter's whereabouts. They both have a good skills in fighting, and blonde Olivia juz get lucky to win it. the brunette Olivia remain unconscious and our Olivia colored her hair brunette too and act to be the other now, they both have a same looks..

Charlie arrived and have no idea that she wasnt the Olivia that he knew. Olivia used him to get to Peter. Imagine how spooky for Olivia to talk to her death friend again..huhu.

So, they arrived at Peter's, and Olivia smash Charlie had with bottle of beer to make him unconscious. Olivia tells Peter all the truth about Walternate planning to use him to destroy the other universe not to heal the anomaly here. Peter refuse to go back at first but when Olivia express her feeling to him..he changed his mind..

then, they meet each other at the same place they came here and was ready to travel back. the Fringe team came and Bell told Peter to help his father set up the machines while he and Olivia holds the enemy.

Bell tried some pf his new inventions, the 77 pistol or something, he gave the fringe division the 76 which made his weapon is much advance. Olivia sets somekind of bombs which cause this picture ---> explosion and manage to escape with Bell.

So, they're ready to travel back. Bell offered his atomic power inside his body cause he already travel between universe soo many time already, I dont know whether he survives or not but before they went of, Bell answered one of Walter's question, "why did you stole my memory?", he answered, "because, you told me to do so, you afraid of what u'll become",

so, they get safely back and Broyles where there to welcomed them back.

and Peter decided to forgive Walter because he did across the universe twice now to saves Peter's life, juz like he said..huhu.

here's the best part of season 2 season finale, as I much suspected from Olivia weird behavior, the ones who'd travel back here with them wasnt the real Olivia but actualy the Olivia from the other suspect this happen when the explosion occurred. i'd expect something like this ought to happen otherwise there will be no season 3..huhu. the picture shown Olivia was communicating with the other side..

<--- the message was like this...n the replied didnt showed but i suspect its somekind like "kill walter n bring peter back"..huhu

here's our poor stuck in the other side inside the prison. Walternate was watching her -->

And that concludes season 2. with evil Olivia in our side what will happens to Peter and Walter? Did she manages to get him back to the other side? will good Olivia escape from prison? What the Observer would do? find out more in Fringe season 3 which is renewed for 22 episode but God know when it will be release.

p/s: the best review i wrote so far and i wrote it as soon as i finished watching it even, there's still Flashforward, Chuck, V, House to watch..credits should be given to me..huhu

We're the Champions....again...

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Yet another Cup wins, what a great season for Chelsea's players, the Manager n for all of us, the beloved fans. The first time ever we wins a double cup in a season n not even the 'Special One' Jose Mourinho could give us which makes Carlo Ancelotti pretty much special too. Drogba fantastic free-kick is the only goal scored tonight after 5 attempt hit the post in the first half. Portsmouth nearly get a lead after the penalty taken by Boateng was saved by our outstanding goalkeeper, Petr Cech. and then come Drogba with his superb free kick, beat James into the net followed up by another shocking miss penalty from Lampard. The final whistle blowed on 93th minute and FA Cup is ours!!
He saved a penalty kinda rare, even for him..huhu

two most important player in Chelsea..

 Drogba celebrates his outstanding free kick goal..

all hails The Blues!!!!!!!!!
Blues forever!!!!!!!

punca kekalahan skuad badminton negara..

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Pengalaman mengerikan bagi Dato Lee Chong Wei..haha..
trauma smpai klh straight set terus!!! hahaha

Badak? phm2 sndri la...haha

p/s: gmbr2 di atas diambil dari blog org lain, bukn ak yg edit. 
papepon, majulah sukan untuk negara!! haha