Castle: To Live and Die in L.A -review

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Royce got killed
Castle idea of travelling 'under the radar' -drive a Ferrari
This week episode on Castle brings back a fond and not so fond memories of Beckett. Remember Royce? Beckett's partner/teacher/crush in the academy until a couples episode back Beckett had to arrest him for doing some crime that I didn't remember. This week he's back alright but only for a couple of minutes in the beginning. He was shot cold-blooded by our Dominic Purcell aka Lincoln Burrows who appears to be a bad ass in this episode (remember Burrows, Scofield is no longer around to save your ass..haha).
Nway, the murder fell under NYPD jurisdiction and Beckett got the case. She's went too emotional about the case and got kicked out by the boss. So, she's planning on taking a vacation (yeah right). She was actually heading to L.A to solve the muder by herself and Castle is smart enough to tag along using his novel Heat Wave movies as an excuse. Well, he did Beckett a big favor by providing a 1st class flight, a Ferrari and a nice suite.  So they start up their investigation which lead to a big house with a big star in it. It's one and only Gene Simmons.

Can you believe he's actually looks like this -------->
on stage? yeah, he's the bassist and the vocalist for a heavy metal group called KISS

Studio version of interrogation room
Anyway, they learned that Royce is helping him with some problems and now Royce was helping some girl who got caught in the middle of crime. Royce is kinda like Michael Western in Burn Notice series, the only different is he's got killed while doing the job. One thing led to another Kate and Castle pulled a stunt by acting as a police (Kate is NYPD but she's in LA and she's on vacation so she cannot be a cop) and used the Heat Wave movie sets along with fake Ryan and Esposito (creepy dudes) to interrogate a suspect. succeeding in pulling the information from the guard and one thing led to another (I don't want to tell much the case here, u might wanna watch the show) and Kate made the arrest.

You're under arrest for the murder of Royce

And they were going back to New York, on the plane back, Kate read the letter once more and Royce made her realize of something...

Here some several other screenshot from this episode:

Ryan (right) and Esposito in Heat Wave

See the different? he's got HAIR!! haha
-Dominic Purcell aka Lincoln Burrows (Prison Break)

A dissolving bullet, no bullet means no ballistic report, no ballistic no murder weapon 

Whoa..I put a lot of effort in doing this, that's what die-hard-fan do..haha, Anyway, 2 more episode to go before the end of season 3, will Castle and Beckett finally be together? Stay tuned...