House: S07E20 Changes -review

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1st of all, let me be clear, House MD series is not a fully medical story. Yes most of the settings are in the hospital and the casts are bunch of doctors, House MD series is more of a LIFE story. it is more like a drama for the doctors and the patient is just an extra cast on every episode, I daresay only one-half of the story is about treating a patient, most other stuff is mainly about House and the others.

So, this week episode on House, I'm not gonna review about the patient coz I'm not really familiar with all the medical stuff, all I know that this week patients had just won a lottery and tries to find the love of his life and got sick, at the end he met with the love of his life, who probably just wants his money and get better.

Main thing

House realised what Arlene's trying to do
Cuddy's mother, Arlene is planning on putting a lawsuit against House and Cuddy for a mistreatment that actually saved her life. Cuddy and House could lose their medical license for that. They tried to talk things down with Arlene but things didn't work out. Finally House figured out that what Arlene been trying to do is to get House and Cuddy team up against her hoping that they could be together again (yeah they already breaks up couple episode back) and House says to Arlene, 'we're not going back together' and Arlene thought they both were being stupid and Cuddy realised how her mother really cared about her. End of story.

Other things

Dr Hadley 'Thirteen'
'We are who we are'. 'Miserable is always miserable'. That is what Thirteen been saying the whole episode, turns out she's more miserable than House. Nothing much on Taub this week but Chase is trying to change his personality by not sleeping with random women and challenge Foreman to not being so repressed. In the end nothing changes, Chase back being horny-man and Foreman a repressed-man. Just like Thirteen said, 'We are who we are'. Wilson is always famous for his advice and he did talk through House and Cuddy to sit down and talk and told them to meet up with Arlene to settle things down and things didn't went up so well. Anyway, you're a good man Wilson, you should find a good wife for yourself.

Well, that is pretty much what I can remember from the story and here's some screenshots for this episode:

House is being House
Foreman planning on testing Chase

Chase testing on Foreman's repressing level

Best dialog quote:

House: Janet...hemorrhoid?
Women: Thats not my name, its why im here (ashamed)
House: Oh, I see it goes across!