fantasy football..

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legend gak ak season ni..sume league ak leading..
kdg2 rse mcm men sorg2 pon ad..

nak main? da lmbat da, next season bole cube:

TV Series I've watched so far..

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this is a bunch of series i've watched so far, some already ended, some cancelled and some still on-going. Really disappoint with the cancelled series. The storyline juz getting better n they simply cancelled it, damn it!! Prison break is the most breathtaking series i've watched so far and also the harper's island because of all the psychopath killing going on over there. Lost, Fringe and Flashforward has a great storyline of mystery which i couldnt from watchin them. Chuck is one of my favourites cause its funny and interesting to watch them solved the world crisis. Also the same goes with House as they solve medical mystery in 'sherlock holmes' style. Supernatural also one of my all-time favourite series bcause of all the hunting demons, ghosts stuff but the storyline rite now got a lil bit down. i think they should just finish the series already la. Smallville is about how clark kent bcome a superman which kinda interesting for me to see why he'll chose a costume that wear underwear outside rather thn inside..haha, and its the longest series i've ever watched so far, 9 fucking season!! and of coz scrubs is also 9 season but i've only watched the 1st season so far..haha. dexter n scrubs not so much to tell since i've only watch several episode only, scrubs is about a life of doctor in hospital while dexter is a psychopath killer who'd love blood n only kill the bad person n also work as blood forensics in miami PD. Last but not least the legend of seeker. i felt kinda proud coz im the one who'd discover this series until many of my fren seems to like the series too, its basically about a young man, richard cipher, who'd become a seeker to fight the evil alongside with great wizard zed n mother confessor kahlan n also an ex-mord sith, kara. one of the reason im watchin this series is cause the storyline quite interesting and of coz, the girls is HOT!! updates, juz watchin leverage rite now n its quite awesome. kinda the same with ocean's series but they not stealing a casino, they stealing from bad people. more like modern robin hood to me.

  1. Lost - Season 6 (returns 3rd February 2010)
  2. Chuck - Season 3 (returns 11th January 2010)
  3. Fringe - Season 2 cont. (returns 12th January 2010)
  4. FlashForward - Season 1 cont. (returns 5th March 2010)
  5. Supernatural - Season 5 cont (returns 22nd January 2010) 
  6. House - Season 6 (on air)
  7. Heroes - Season 4 (on air)
  8. Legend of Seeker - Season 2 cont. (returns 10th January 2010)
  9. Scrubs - Season 9 (on air)
  10. Smallville - Season 9 (on air)
  11. Dexter - Season 5 (not mentioned)
  12. Leverage - Season 2 (14th January 2010)
  1. Prison Break - 4 season
  2. Harper's Island - 1 season
  1. Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
  2. Kyle XY
  3. Reaper

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I'm the blues..

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Blue is the color, football is the game
We're all together and winning is our aim
So cheer us on through the sun and rain
'cause Chelsea, Chelsea is our name

Blues 4 eva..several years ago, i didnt give a damn about all this football stuff and yet here i am now, die hard fans of chelsea fc, one of the top famous football club in the world. rite now, everytime i watch chelsea played, i become nervous and very excited n yet it just in front of tv, i couldnt imagine wut will happen if i watch live in stamford bridge, maybe my heart will stop though..haha..

House MD (Everybody lies..)

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Everybody lies...
that what he always said about his patients. He's a genius doctor who's live a miserable life. He's live alone in his old apartment, walking with a flaming cane (looks really cool!!) and have a bottles of vicodin (pain killer drugs) everyday.He's the head of diagnostic department in Princeton‑Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH) in New Jersey which only treat one patient a week. But not just any other ordinary patient, only patient who's other doctors couldnt figure out "wut the hell is wrong with the patient?" which would led the case to house's department to solve the mystery. He has similarities to Sherlock Holmes: both are forensic geniuses, musicians, drug users, aloof, and largely friendless and both of them can be such a pain in the ass. I watch Sherlock Holmes movie though, and they really had quite the same attitude.

Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) often clashes with his boss, hospital administrator and Dean of Medicine Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), he's always care about cuddy's ass and cleavage (i think he likes her) and his diagnostic team, because many of his hypotheses about patients' illnesses are based on subtle or controversial insights. House's only true friend is Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), head of the Department of Oncology. During the first three seasons, House's diagnostic team consists of Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer), Dr. Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) ,she's really cute and hot too, and Dr. Eric Foreman (Omar Epps). At the end of the third season, this team disbands. Rejoined by Foreman, House gradually selects three new team members: Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley (Olivia Wilde), kinda cute too but I still prefer Cameron though, Dr. Chris Taub (Peter Jacobson), and Dr. Lawrence Kutner (Kal Penn), really funny guy, u guys should watch him in Harold n Kumar movies, funny as hell!! haha; the latter was written out of the series toward the end of season 5. Chase and Cameron continue to appear in different roles at the hospital until early in season 6. Cameron then leaves the show, (awww...) and Chase returns to the diagnostic team.

Should watch this series..if i watch this series a lil bit earlier, i might become a doctor myself...hahahaha..

The Road Not Taken: behind the scene..

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Ever heard of deja Vu? ever wondering wut the hell its means? Deja vu is a French phrase meaning "already seen", and it refers to the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously.

Here some explanation about it. Most people experience life as a linear progression, just like a straight line. But thats not entirely true, coz everyday life presents us with an array of choices. As a result, life juz looks like a road with many path, each choices we've made took different path which leads to a new reality for us. 

For example, we wake up in the morning, we can choose whether to go to work or just stay at home, each of the choices we made will create a new reality for us. How is it related to deja vu? Deja vu is like a momentarily glimpse, to the other possible reality that we didnt took, for example, if we chose to go to work, it will be a glimpse of wut would happens if we chose to stay at home. Or when we feels like we've been someplace before (which is not), maybe we did go there but not in our reality, but the other reality, the path that we didnt take before.

It is the possibility of our life, the possibility of the The Road Not Taken..