Good news for the girls!!

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Ever heard of Intelligent Parking Assist? Yes? good for you! No? let me explain a little bit here for you. I was just watching Bones episode 20 and Dr Brennan's car never cease to amazed me, It is called Toyota Prius. Just like Fringe promoting Ford car in the last episode, Toyota also smart enough to use a multi-million viewer series like Bones to promote their car 'awesomeness'. So, they were driving as usual to question suspects, using Dr B's car instead of Booth FBI vehicle:

The navigation system from the inside, it shows the parking space available and all you have to do is press the 'OK; button

The car works it magic, no need to do anything. Kinda creepy though..haha

...and the car will park itself!!

Cool right!? very useful especially for those who took 10-15 minutes to park in this situation. If the system got bug or something and hits the car at the back, you can take a lawsuit against Toyota..haha. Anyway, this is the official video from Toyota, it was released last year, but I bet lots of your friends still didn't know bout this thing yet, so go ahead and gloat to them! haha

best quote from Bones season 6 episode 20 :
Brennan: It allows the car to park itself
Booth: Does it solve murder?
Brennan: No
Booth: Good, coz I like my job


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haha thanks!!