What's up with Maxi?

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on May 10, 2011

Maxi who?? Every EPL fans Liverpool fans especially knows who's Maxi Rodriguez these day. He joined Liverpool FC on January 13, 2010 and has been given no17 shirt. He made quite a contribution to Liverpool since arriving but not as good as these couples of week. On 23rd April, He scored his first hat-trick for Liverpool when they were trashing Birmingham City 5-0 at Anfield and last night he did it again. He scored another hat-trick for Liverpool but this time all his goal were amazing. He is now scored 7 goal in the last 3 matches. How not awesome is that? After all Liverpool it back on track on title challenger now, well at least no this season. I dunno what Dalglish had done to Maxi, brought him to see a 'bomoh' or something, but he's really on form right now. Can Liverpool secure Champions League spot? I doubt it, Manchester City gonna secure the spot for sure. Maybe next season la..nway Manchester United had beaten Chelsea last Sunday which means Chelsea are trailing by 6 points now with only to matches to go. All Manchester United had to do is secure 1 more points and the title is theirs. Chelsea may still have a chance on winning but they have to win the match against Newcastle (H) and Everton (A) and hoping that Manchester United lost both their remaining matches.