Supernatural - Season 6 Finale

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Its the end of Season 6 of a epic-horror-yet-awesome story of Supernatural. Congratulations to all Supernatural crew for making the series still runs this far and still managed to maintain its awesomeness. So, let gets down to business. We all know the main storyline for this season, to find the damn purgatory where all the souls of monsters lies. The king of hell, Crowley wants it and also the rebellious angel, Castiel. Castiel wants all the souls from the purgatory to power him up in order to fight his fellow angel enemy, Raphael. The Winchesters and Bobby are trying to stop them all from finding and opening the purgatory cause it could release all the monsters that were trapped in there to our world which is not good. Ok, here are the important things that I've highlighted from the 2-hour finale. 

Lisa and Ben

Lisa and Dean had been together for quite a time and then come Ben, which Lisa claimed was not related to Dean at all. So after Dean leaving them to back to his hunting life and also to protect them from any harm and it seems to work just fine for Lisa and Ben until Crowley and his men got a hold on them as a hostage. Why? well we know that nothing will stop Dean from stopping Crowley to open the purgatory but since Castiel told Crowley to back off from harming Dean, Crowley works the other way around to held Lisa and Ben as a hostage and threaten to kill them if Dean continues his quest.

So, Dean busting his ass on finding these two, torturing couples of demon to find their whereabout but its not working until Baltazhar, another angel, who's been working for Castiel, decided to become a double agent and told Dean Lisa and Ben whereabout. So, Dean and Sam managed to kills all the demon around, safe them both but thing got a little tricky when Lisa got possessed by a demon and stabbed herself. Dean brought her to the hospital, Castiel came, save her, and Dean asked Castiel to do one more thing which I didn't expect at all, wipe out all Lisa and Ben's memories that related with Dean which means they never knew Dean. They were in car crash and Dean was just some guy that ran into them. So bam! Lisa and Ben gone from the story, the good thing is they both live and safe.

Sam vs Sam vs Sam

Since the Ben and Lisa thing didn't stop The Winchesters and Bobby from stopping them finding the purgatory, Castiel removed the 'barrier' inside Sam soul causing Sam to trapped inside his dream with his soul shatter to three pieces, Sam with Soul (the real Sam), Sam with no Soul (the evil Sam) and Sam that had been trapped with Michael and Lucifer in the cage. 

After killing the other of 'him', Sam manage to snapped out of his dream and go to where Dean and Bobby were headed.

New 'God' Raised

Even with all Lisa and Ben captured, Sam trapped in a dream thing, Dean and Bobby still hasn't stop their main quest which is to stop Castiel and Crowley on opening the purgatory. They got the location from the double agent angel, Baltazhar who was then killed by Castiel because he knew. After getting the right ingredient to launch the ritual on opening the purgatory gate, Castiel told Crowley to left or he will kill him. Apparently Castiel wanted all the soul in the purgatory to himself and not gonna spared some soul for the king of hell. Crowley got mad and left cause he knew Castiel is much powerful than he is. On the other hand, Dean and Bobby has arrived to the place and planning to sneak in the heavily-angel-guarded place until a bunch of demons who Dean taught was a T-Rex came to pay a visit to Castiel.

It was Crowley, back with a little help from another angel, Castiel big enemy, Raphael the Archangle. Castiel couldn't smite Crowley because of Raphael. So, there's nothing much Castiel could do other than handing the ritual ingredients over and left. So its Crowley and Raphael now try to open the purgatory.

After Crowley reads some ridiculous ritual recite, guess what? nothing happen. Turns out Castiel have changed the ingredients and Crowley and Raphael just got pranked! The real jar containing the ingredient is empty now which means Castiel had done the ritual and successfully consume millions of souls in his body which makes him more powerful than ever. He lets Crowley escape but he killed Raphael with just a single SNAP! How not powerful is that?!

Castiel doesn't seems like the old humble Castiel anymore, the power inside him has made him somekind of evil bastard. Even Sam who'd secretly stab him from behind with the angel stick couldn't kill him because he claimed himself as the new god, he's no longer an angel with all that power.  It seems to me that we just got our new enemy for next season, the most powerful ever, and he is Castiel.

Well, that's pretty much the finale and looking forward for the battle between The Winchesters and Castiel next season. I bet they will seeking help from the other 'Winchester' from the cage.