Menyesal x beli metro semalam..hahaha

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Video baik punya!!

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I have to admit..this is totally cool!!

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The new Perodua Bezza..

right? isn't she's beauty? Now I'm having doubt about my future car plans, cause this car design is soo cool!! I didn't know much about it spec, I'm not really a car-person (not yet, still learning), but I have to say, I'm impressed with Perodua for being able to come out with such design. Keep it up guys!! Who knows maybe it will be use in the next James Bond movies..haha.

Sketsa Lawak: reaksi DDR mengenai filem 2 Alam

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Kalau semalam post pasal Bill Gates, ni post pasal jutawan 'popular' Malaysia, DDR Sape2 yg dulu2 gemuk skang da kuros mmg knal la ngn mamat ni kot pasal produk dia tu la yang buat dia berjaya skang ni.

Nway, baru2 ni, dia mencuba la untuk menerbitkan sebuah movie btajuk 2 Alam, klu tgk poster promosinye yg 'lame' pon da taw da cite ni x best. Then, nk dijadikan cite, DRR ni pg letak la kt newspaper sume yg 2 Alam ni boleh cecah 40 Juta la, boleh kalahkan Harry Potter 7 la, ak agak2 dy buat cmtu nk bg reverse psychology kt penonton2 sruh buat ttarik nk tgk cite dy. Well, tbukti usaha dy x mnjadi coz 1st day tayang, bpe ketul je yg g tgk cite dy n sume kate menyesal lpas tgk cite ni, lg la xde org nk tgk lpas 2. Cite Harry Potter pon ak x tgk kt wyang (sbb da taw x best) lg la nk tgk cite 2 Alam ni..haha.

One way to become a Billionaire..

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Ever heard the names of Bill Gates? No? It's either you live in a cave or...well, that's the best I could come out with. Anyway, let me just refresh a bit your memory, Bill Gates is currently the 2nd richest person in the world with personal wealth of USD54 Billion and he's the founder of Microsoft. He's married to Melinda French and has three children: daughters Jennifer Katharine Gates (born 1996) and Phoebe Adele Gates (born 2002), and son Rory John Gates (born 1999).

and here's the picture of his 1st daughter, Jennifer Katharine Gates

Wow..isn't she amazing? and she's only 14 (Whaattt!??) Probably the best "product" made by Bill Gates..haha. Anyway, as the topic suggest, one way to become a billionaire is by being her future husband..haha. For sure she's gonna inherit some of her father wealthiness in the future and by 'some' I mean in billions, so by being his husband, we get to feel all the wealthiness too..right? haha. Well, you won't be listed in Forbes as a Billionaire unless you are smart enough to build another gigantic company from all the money or Bill Gates just gonna hand it to you the Microsoft (like that ever gonna happen..haha). This post is just for fun, don't takes is too seriously. So stop dreaming and starts to work hard!! Who knows, maybe you'll be the next Billionaire...