House - After Hours

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Whoa! what an episode! For once there my heart rate is over 120 and my BP is getting lower, I need a crash cart in here!! hahaha all I can say is that it was a hell of an episode of House, dramatic, intense, suspense, a perfect end of season 7. So, here's the review of this week episode:

House and his misery

Last week episode, in the end, we learned that the experimental drugs that House been taking isn't working on the lab rats and apparently killing them all. House didn't know that yet. So this week, after trying to impress a hooker that he can now use his leg to a full function (because of the drugs seems to be working) he smash his on coffee table and runs out of supply of the drugs. So off he go to the lab again and he learned something horrible, all the rats that have been testing on that particular drugs has died because of tumors.

So, being the best doctor and all, he'd diagnosed himself, CT scanned himself and found out that he also has the tumors in his leg, all three of them. So, when you have a tumor, you should remove it and House choose to remove them himself, in his bathroom because he's ashamed of himself for stealing and using the experimental drugs. So here come the most horrified scene of House I've ever watched.

Well at first, it turns out just fine until House started to lose his consciousness and even I know you cannot operate when you're losing your focus and the pain starts kicking it, well he can dose himself with more sedative otherwise he'll be out for good. So House growling in pain and all which is really painful for me just to see it and he made a few calls, Wilson, Thirteen, Chase, Foreman, Taub which all apparently to be 'busy' at that time and lastly he called Cuddy. 

Cuddy came, brought House to hospital, House got treated and he's going to be fine. Wilson came in the morning and told House he cannot continue living like that and House response "I know". What will House do in order to change his life? We'll see about that in the next season.

Chase and Thirteen

They both got their own action this week, apparently one of Thirteen cell mates (yeah, she's been to prison for killing her brother, well not really killing, her brother really sick, she just put him out of his misery) comes to see her because she got stabbed and Thirteen is a doctor. Why not go to the hospital? Because she's a convict, that's why. So Thirteen treated her, got some help from Chase.

Got in a little fight (includes punching and shoving each other) with Chase about bringing the patient to the hospital but it's all worked out well in the end. The patient got arrested anyway.

Taub's dilemma

Taub got his own drama this week, we know that he's divorced with his wife and been sleeping with a nurse who's been working on the hospital and the nurse just informing Taub that she's pregnant with his baby. 

So Foreman brings him to the strip club (way to go dude) to ease his mind off about all this thing. Taub got kicked out for touching one of the strippers there (he's diagnosing the strippers mole, cause it could be cancer) and he waited for her after finishing her job there.

The stripper taught Taub is some kind of perve, and start to draw her gun. Foreman is long gone by the way, that's all his part in this week episode - go to a strip club.

Taub was thinking of dying but the stripper just went off instead. This incident has made Taub realized something important, he once met a guy who'd diagnose with a cancer instead of something else, Taub was even worrier than that guy because that guy say he's not afraid of dying nor regretting anything, he got children who all raised well by him. Taub has made up his mind to raised the child of his with the nurse cause he wanna be that guy earlier, he didn't wants to leave the world regretting that he never had a child himself. 

So, good for you Taub!

So, in the morning, they all back to normal again..looking forward for season eight!!