Finally...they're back!! All new season premiere..

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Its like a dream come true for series-lover like me at time like this. All the mysteries, question marks, suspense from the previous season finale will be revealed in their all new season starting this week. Here are some series on my watch list:

Fringe Season 3 - Sept 23rd

The story so far - Peter learns the truth about himself (he already died here when he was young, he actually from the parallel universe which is quite the same but a lil bit differ, Walter brought him here from the other side) got mad, back to the universe he belongs to, meet his real father (Walternate). Walternate manipulate him to finish some dangerous weapon. Real Walter and Olivia travel to the other universe too in order to save Peter. With help from William Bell (a Billionaire, Walter old partner, always traveling between universe) they manage to escape from Fringe Division under Secretary of Defense (Walternate, whoa..Walter is just a freak but genius scientist here.) This other side Olivia (brunette hair, the real one from this side has blond hair) were also in the Fringe Division. This side Walter and Olivia manage to reach Peter and told him the truth. Peter agreed to go back but on the last encounter, the brunette Olivia manage to slips as Olivia back to this universe which leaves the real Olivia got imprisoned on the other side by Walternate...

Chuck Season 4 - Sept 23rd

The story so far - Having his secret as a spy known to all of his close family, first Awesome, Morgan and finally Ellie, Chuck now lost his father but his father manage to left him with the watch that could prevent headaches from his head because of all the flashes. During the final minutes of the season finale, his father left him with a message telling him it is time for him to learns the truth about his mother...

House Season 7 - Sept 20th

The story so far - After helping a woman under pile of rocks on a crane crash, House went home and checks his injury, which is still bleeding. He then yanks the mirror of the wall and smashes it, revealing a hidden stash of Vicodin in the wall. He sits on the floor and considers the bottles and pours some pills into his hand. Cuddy comes in and says that it's his choice to go back on drugs. She informs him that she broke off her engagement with Lucas. Cuddy tells House that she can't move on and all she can think about is him. She asks him if she and he can work. House wonders if he can fix himself, and Cuddy admits he doesn't know. He warns her that he's the most screwed-up person in the world, and Cuddy admits that she knows but she loves him anyway. With her help, House gets back up and kisses her. He wonders if he's hallucinating, and Cuddy points out that he didn't take the Vicodin. She figures they're okay, and House agrees, throwing the pills away...

 Supernatural Season 6 - Sept 24th

The story so far - After dealing with all the apocalypse, lucifer-michael things, thing were back to normal again. Dean back to his lover, Lisa. On the final minute of the season finale, while Dean is having dinner with Lisa and Ben (believed to be Dean's son), from outside the window, the street lamp was blinking (like in horror movies) and below the lamp, stood Sam who'd supposedly traps in hell along with Lucifer...but somehow he managed to get out, is it Sam..or...??

Bones Season 6 - Sept 23rd

I cannot write "the story so far" for this series yet coz I've only started watch the series (season 2 so far), but it totally worth it to be in this post..haha.

Castle Season 3 - Sept 21st

The story so far - Nothing much on the season finale, but since Beckett starting to develop a feeling towards Castle, season 3 gonna be much interesting..

How I Met Your Mother Season 6 - Sept 20th

The story so far - Well, the title is obviously what the story is all about. But its been five season already, the only part of the "mother" that was ever reveal was her foot. Some people started to get impatient. Me? nah, who cares for the mother when u got Barney Stinson!!! 
Legend....wait for it...dary!!!!
What up!!!
i'd even got my title blog and blog description from him..haha..

The Mentalist Season 3 - Sept 23rd

The story so far - Patrick Jane, a psychic, keep on working for California Bureau Investigation as a consultant and in the mean time keeps finding Red John, a genius serial killer who'd killed his family.

Stargate Universe Season 2 - Sept 28th

The story so far - They still try to find way back home after got stranded in an ancient spaceship Destiny, that is billion light years away from earth thru the Stargate. Along the ride, they encounter with many problems of survival, aliens encounter, enemy and many more.

That's it!! My weekly-download-schedule gonna be full again..haha.


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