House - The Fix

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on May 10, 2011

Just gonna do a quick review here, kinda busy (watching series, report still not done yet haha). Maybe some of you wondering, why wrote all these review? Its not like someone gonna read it or something, well, just call it a passion. I love watching these series and I felt like sharing about it. Anyway, this is the third last episode for House season 7, probably the longest season so far. Here are the few important thing in this week episode:

The Leg Pain

We knew right about House's leg pain and how he keeps taking Vicodin, some sort of painkiller/drugs which House been taking again since his broke up with Cuddy. We also knew that Vicodin has put House in some sort of mental facilities because the drugs is killing his mind. So, House decided to stop on taking Vicodin, and try something new:

Yeah, I watched Breaking Bad and I'm pretty sure it was heroin. Thank god it is not. Its somekind of experimental drugs that can re-growth leg muscles and since its experimental, they've only experimented it on rats so far. House is stealing the drugs from the lab. At some point, the drugs seems to be working, House pain is back to a normal level and he's being less-miserable still not helping the case though. 

The last scene of the episode shows that the lab guys were checking on the rats. One of the rats is dead. It showing some positive progress at first but now its dead. Uh-oh, bad news House, the lab guy couldnt tell House cause he had no idea House been using it. May God save you House.

House's Team

Since House doesn't throw any help in this case, these four brilliant doctors have to cover their own asses. If it wasn't for the patient boyfriend been feeding her poison, this case should've been easy. Well they did figure it out without helps from House. Does this mean House isn't gonna stay much longer? Well, there won't be any 'House' series without House in it. We'll just have to wait and see..