the Gormogon's case..

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alright, i gotta shared this interesting case in Bones. Unlike any other crime-fighting series i've watched before, there's nothing as bizarre and horror, gross u name it than this Gormogon's serial killer case. Here how its started, on the premier of Bones season 3, they found a skull got thrown and stuck onto some youngsters car windshield. Apparently, it just not a usual case they got cause as they found the victims body, who turned out to be some violinist, there was some teeth marks on the bones proving that the victim was chewed by freakin human!! so they're dealing with cannibalism here. Then, they discover some sort of old building, with a large vault inside of it and inside the vault they discover many old artifacts like a ritual place and the found a skeletal bones posed like this:

most of the bones was somekind of metal but there some part of the body is actually human bones, apparently not one but five of them. So we're talking about some really psychotic serial killer who not just eat the victim's flesh but also took some part of their victims bones for example the violinist, the killer took his pinky finger that was insured for 1 million dollar at put on the skeletal above. Dr Hodgins believes that its was some kind of ritual and until now (i've only watched till episode 8 so far), they still couldnt capture the killer aka Gormogon..

and in episode 8, which i've been watching right now, they found another skeletal with the same posed as skeletal above but no metal, completely human bones:

and so far, Dr Zack has discovered 18 different victims on the skeletal above and he still not done. Just imagine how sick is it that the killer actually kill multiple victims, eat their flesh off, ripped out their bones and combine it together to built skeletal above and posed it like that? wow..i gotta say, im looking forward to see how they caught that bastard killer.

the boy in the time capsule..

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u know what a time capsule? it's not some time-traveling-weird-stuff, its just a tradition in several school, high school usually, in US, as far as i know. what they did was, they gather a group of student, or batch or something, and everyone has to put their own things like, favorite things in high school, pictures, letter of will or whatever they want to be remembered of inside a box, a chest and buried it into the ground at the school. then, after 20 years maybe, they gather around again, dig up the buried chest to see whatever they put in there to brings back the memories. its actually kinda nice right? why we didnt do it here in our country? haha, nway its about this series Bones i've been watched, where they dug up the chest and there something else turned up to be in that chest and guess what? it is a freakin HUMAN BONES..haha, how scary is that? turns out it was the bones of one of the student there that was killed 20 years ago. how the hell did he ended up in that chest? im gonna find up rite now...

here the picture of the time capsule with human remains:

how's that? it probably not a good idea to watch this series while eating..but im totally fine with it!! haha

FRINGE - The Next Chapter

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The most promising series is back for the third season now. I've just finished watching the season premiere and its truly not a disappointment like Chuck. Season 2 wrapped up with the real Olivia got stuck on the other side of the universe, while the other Olivia, assuming the bad ones, manage to snick in to this universe along with Peter and Walter as Olivia, considering she is Olivia just from different sides so it would be no problem at all. So she becomes sort of an undercover agent here and report back all progresses to the other Walter, Walternate. The premier season 3 starts with how they treated the real Olivia who got stuck and imprison at the other universe by Walternate. They try to planted the bad Olivia memories inside her and in the end it seems to work. Personally I think Olivia just fake it, well she did got the memory but she still in control, and the other Olivia, the bad ones was also pretty much adapting with this side of world where she's facing the not-serious-not-secretary-of-defense Walter and her new lover Peter Bishop. Can't wait for what coming up next, overall, this series is BRILLIANT!!!!!!

I am in MISERY...

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whoa..i've heard this song for quite a while but juz now i'd realize this song totally reflected my life..haha. I likes this one girl, but she started ignoring me these days, so i dedicate this song to her..especially on these phrases:

Why won't you answer me?
The silence is slowly killing me (oh yeah)


Maroon 5 - Misery

Oh Yeah!

So scared of breaking it
But you won't let it bend
And I wrote two hundred letters
I will never send

Sometimes these cuts are so much
deeper than they seem
You'd rather cover up
I'd rather let them be

So let me be and I'll set you free
I am in misery
There ain't nobody who can comfort me (oh yeah)
Why won't you answer me?
The silence is slowly killing me (oh yeah)

Girl you really got me bad
You really got me bad
I'm gonna get you back
Gonna get you back

Your salty skin and how it mixes in with mine
The way it feels to be completely intertwined
Not that I didn't care
It's that I didn't know
It's not what I didn't feel
It's what I didn't show

So let me be and I'll set you free
I am in misery
There ain't nobody who can comfort me (oh yeah)
Why won't you answer me?
The silence is slowly killing me (oh yeah)

Girl you really got me bad
You really got me bad
I'm gonna get you back
Gonna get you back

Say your faith is shaken
You may be mistaken
You keep me wide awake
and waiting for the sun
I'm desperate and confused
So far away from you
I'm getting there
I don't care where I have to go

Why do you do what you do to me, yeah?
Why won't you answer me, answer me, yeah? (x2)

I am in misery
There ain't nobody who can comfort me (oh yeah)
Why won't you answer me?
The silence is slowly killing me (oh yeah)

Girl you really got me bad
You really got me bad
I'm gonna get you back
Gonna get you back (x4)

Finally...they're back!! All new season premiere..

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Its like a dream come true for series-lover like me at time like this. All the mysteries, question marks, suspense from the previous season finale will be revealed in their all new season starting this week. Here are some series on my watch list:

Fringe Season 3 - Sept 23rd

The story so far - Peter learns the truth about himself (he already died here when he was young, he actually from the parallel universe which is quite the same but a lil bit differ, Walter brought him here from the other side) got mad, back to the universe he belongs to, meet his real father (Walternate). Walternate manipulate him to finish some dangerous weapon. Real Walter and Olivia travel to the other universe too in order to save Peter. With help from William Bell (a Billionaire, Walter old partner, always traveling between universe) they manage to escape from Fringe Division under Secretary of Defense (Walternate, whoa..Walter is just a freak but genius scientist here.) This other side Olivia (brunette hair, the real one from this side has blond hair) were also in the Fringe Division. This side Walter and Olivia manage to reach Peter and told him the truth. Peter agreed to go back but on the last encounter, the brunette Olivia manage to slips as Olivia back to this universe which leaves the real Olivia got imprisoned on the other side by Walternate...

Chuck Season 4 - Sept 23rd

The story so far - Having his secret as a spy known to all of his close family, first Awesome, Morgan and finally Ellie, Chuck now lost his father but his father manage to left him with the watch that could prevent headaches from his head because of all the flashes. During the final minutes of the season finale, his father left him with a message telling him it is time for him to learns the truth about his mother...

House Season 7 - Sept 20th

The story so far - After helping a woman under pile of rocks on a crane crash, House went home and checks his injury, which is still bleeding. He then yanks the mirror of the wall and smashes it, revealing a hidden stash of Vicodin in the wall. He sits on the floor and considers the bottles and pours some pills into his hand. Cuddy comes in and says that it's his choice to go back on drugs. She informs him that she broke off her engagement with Lucas. Cuddy tells House that she can't move on and all she can think about is him. She asks him if she and he can work. House wonders if he can fix himself, and Cuddy admits he doesn't know. He warns her that he's the most screwed-up person in the world, and Cuddy admits that she knows but she loves him anyway. With her help, House gets back up and kisses her. He wonders if he's hallucinating, and Cuddy points out that he didn't take the Vicodin. She figures they're okay, and House agrees, throwing the pills away...

 Supernatural Season 6 - Sept 24th

The story so far - After dealing with all the apocalypse, lucifer-michael things, thing were back to normal again. Dean back to his lover, Lisa. On the final minute of the season finale, while Dean is having dinner with Lisa and Ben (believed to be Dean's son), from outside the window, the street lamp was blinking (like in horror movies) and below the lamp, stood Sam who'd supposedly traps in hell along with Lucifer...but somehow he managed to get out, is it Sam..or...??

Bones Season 6 - Sept 23rd

I cannot write "the story so far" for this series yet coz I've only started watch the series (season 2 so far), but it totally worth it to be in this post..haha.

Castle Season 3 - Sept 21st

The story so far - Nothing much on the season finale, but since Beckett starting to develop a feeling towards Castle, season 3 gonna be much interesting..

How I Met Your Mother Season 6 - Sept 20th

The story so far - Well, the title is obviously what the story is all about. But its been five season already, the only part of the "mother" that was ever reveal was her foot. Some people started to get impatient. Me? nah, who cares for the mother when u got Barney Stinson!!! 
Legend....wait for it...dary!!!!
What up!!!
i'd even got my title blog and blog description from him..haha..

The Mentalist Season 3 - Sept 23rd

The story so far - Patrick Jane, a psychic, keep on working for California Bureau Investigation as a consultant and in the mean time keeps finding Red John, a genius serial killer who'd killed his family.

Stargate Universe Season 2 - Sept 28th

The story so far - They still try to find way back home after got stranded in an ancient spaceship Destiny, that is billion light years away from earth thru the Stargate. Along the ride, they encounter with many problems of survival, aliens encounter, enemy and many more.

That's it!! My weekly-download-schedule gonna be full again..haha.

ATOI..the Ajaib Boy..

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Ape 1st impression korg tgk poster filem ni? despite muke lisa surihani yg cun, 1st impression ak, ni mesti cite klaka n bodoh. klu xde muke2 mcm zizan, afdlin shauki, awie, bell, harun salim bachik mmg ak x tgk la. Seriously, mmg ak x pnh dgr pon psl cite kt wyang coz lately x ikut sgt cite2 melayu ni..haha. nway, td coz da boring sgt, n nk testing broadband P1 bru ak ni (refer post sblm ni), ak pon download la cite ni. dlm 15-20 min cm2 dpt la download full movie format mkv dlm 400mb gitu, ok la. Then tgk la, cite dy dlm 1 jam 48 min cm2 la and overall, out of 10, utk rating cite melayu la, ak bg la 8, 9 cm2 coz cite dy mmg klaka, jln cite pon bole tahan, idea pon bru, psal superhero2, siap ad organisasi lg KAPOWW stands for Kesatuan Antarabangsa Peringkat Olimpik Wira Wira..haha, sume dlm organisasi 2 mmg klaka la, bajet terer ckp BI sume..haha. Effect2 dy mmg klaka la, ak rse klu kt hollywood ni da dkire filem thap thn 70 an dlu la, tp sbb dy nk wt cite ni mcm komik2 sket kn, so okay la. Kesimpulannya, x rugi la tgk cite ni, dpt tgk Lisa Surihani 1 hal, klaka pon mmg klaka. tgk je la..mmg x mnyesal pny..

try P1 plak...

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Akhirnye, ptg td smpai gk modem P1 W1MAX yg bru, DX-230, yg kaler putih 2, ktenye 4G, xtaw la btul ke x. Nk dijadikan crite, ak x plan pon nk beli natang ni sume, sbb mls nk daftar, nk terminate berukband Celcom yg sumpah LAJU tu, but 2 hari lepas ad la brader ni call. ckp dy pnh dpt request ak dlu nk P1 pny coverage kt area ak ni, so dy kate skang da ad da n dy sruh ak daftar trus, coz yg modem 4G bru ni ad promosi. Mule2 ak pon cm malas gk la, nk kuar duit lg, da tgh pokai (bru pas raye), tp ble dy kate starting byar rm100 je, then 2 month seterusnye half-price, rm49, n in 7 days klu x puas ati bole pulg blk then dy pulang blk duit, so I've decided to give it a try la omputih ckp..haha. then dgr la sket pnerangan dy kt dlm tepon 2, n dy mntk 16 digit no kt dpn kad maybank ak, cuak gk ak tkot2 kne kelentong ke, tp kt maybank pon xdela bnyk duit sgt..haha, so ak pon try la. Dy kate dlm 2 hari nnt smpai la natang 2 n ak pon tggu la. Ak pon mmg da mls pkai broadbnd celcom ni, 1 sbb lmbb la, lg 1 sbb bole pkai sorg2 je kn, klu kt umh laptop ad 3 broadbnd 1 mmg pyah la, so klu pkai modem ni bole la pkai rmai2. Speed n kuota dy pon lg bsar, 1.2mbps n 20gb sbulan tp cos nye pon mningkat la, rm99 sbulan..haha, sdar2 da pokai. Ak mmg da lme nk pkai yg wireless ni, psal klu plug in broadbnd kt laptop ak 2, lme2 nnt x recognise, mmg sumpah menyirap nk kne restart slalu. tny la roomate ak bpe kali ak naik angin ngn broadbnd ak 2, bpe kali dy kne dera ngn ak..haha. Well, tggu pny tggu smpai gk td. siap dtg nek lori, ak ingt mak ak bli perabot td..haha. smpai2, bg, sain, trus blah. laa..ak ingt ad ajar nk setting cmne ke, 2 la company2 kt mlysia ni, time promosi kt customer mmg gile2, customer da sgkut je, dpt income, lntak ko la nk wtpe..ish2. Tp bukn sush pon nk set up dy, bdk kcik pon bole wt..haha, ak pon try la, cuak gk xdpt coverage, dy ad 3 lmpu kt bwh 2, klu 3-3 idup mmg line strong la, kt umh ak, kne ltak dkt tgkp dpt la 2 lmpu, jauh sket 1 je. tp ok la, at least dpt pkai rmai2. download lg laju (xtaw la klu mule2 je laju). ni ak tnjuk sket rupe modem p1 wimax yg bru ni:

design mmg smart la bg ak n stakat ni (bru dlm 7 jam la pkai) ak bpuas hati la jgk. Pasni nk kne terminate plak celcom pny broadbnd..damn mls..1 lg yg ak prasan la, klu kt mlysia ni, broadbnd pny company la terutamanya, tmpt nk register, nk apply sume mmg bsepah, kt tepi jln pon bole, ad skali 2, da mcm nk jual dadah pon ad mamat 2, "bang, nk broadbnd bang? sy bg free je ni.." haha mmg la free dol, tp kne register contract sume..sengal tol. haa..smbg td, nk register mmg sng, tp klu x stop, nk terminate, kne pg btul2 kt centre dy ad ad bpe ktul je kt jb ni. Ad skali 2 ak tbace, dy kne tggu 1jam stgh pdahal terminate xsmpai 5minit pon. 2la, dyorg ni sume pkir untung je, cube la bbakti sket pd masyarakat. bg la internet free, kn sng..haha. k2, bola da nk start ni..chow..

Reunion & Raya 2010

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Alhamdulillah..di hari raya yang mulia tahun ni akhirnya tercapai la hajat nk reunion. walaupon x ramai (9 drpd 20 lbih la) ni pon da dikire rekod terbaik da. Slame ni bnyk gak plan2 nk reunion, tp 1 pon x jd. Ye la, rumh pon sume bkn dkt2, study pon tmpt lain2 skang, so tyme raye la yg plg sesuai skali nk jmpe ramai2. Sbb mmbe agk rmai la kt Batu Pahat, n dyorg pon xreti2 nk trun JB, ktorang mengalah la pg sane. Mule2 da hampir x jadi da ktorg yg dr JB ni pasal even masing2 ad lesen, kete plak xde. Last2 ak berjaya la jgk bwk kete ak (nasib bek akk ak tmpg mmbe dy g braye). So bermula la perjalanan ak seawal 9 pagi ke rumh Juliano. Plan asalnye nk kumpul kt rumah Jue dlu la, tbe2 mamat lg sorang ni plak suruh amek kt rumah xkesah la, mmbe pny psal kan. Smpai umah jue dy plak blom smpai dr rumh lg 1, tggu la kejap. then dy smpai, ak sruh la dy drive g kutip amy kt rumah dy coz ak xingt sgt jalan n da agk lewat gak time 2. Smpai umah amy, dgn banggenye ak sruh dy drive plak psal ak xtaw mne nk masuk highway dr situ. Jue sempat lagi g mkn kuih kt dalam..cibai..ak da janji ngn anis da smpai dlm 10.30-11.00 cam2..skang da kul 10.00 da. Ah, lantakla..then bermula la prjalanan ke Batu Pahat ikut highway la, minyak tol sume tong2 duit raye masing2. First destination, rumah fariza, exit kt ayer hitam dalam kul 11 cm2 la, then jln smpai straight smpai jmpe UTHM, then fariza sruh cari lorong yg ad patung org naik basikal kt dpn dy. Ktorang pon cri la..damnit!! mmg ad!! haha, siap pkai bju melayu lg patung 2, muke da la mcm antu scray movie, klu xtaw mlm2 lalu situ mau terbabas org bwk kete..haha..nway, then masuk la lorong 2, sempit la, lorong kmpung, sebelah da la parit besar, klu masuk mmg best la..haha. Fariza ckp, rumh dy kt ujung skali, ad smpg tiga, so ktorg pon drive la. Pny la jauh, smpai da xde rumh lg keliling, juz pokok kelapa sawit n siap ad biawak mati lg, cuak gk tkot2 silap jln. haha, tp last2 jmpe gk la. ak nmpk kt situ ad rumah dy ngn nenek dy je, peh, sumpah x seram plak klu mlm2..da la keliling kelapa sawit..haha nway, time 2 da pkul 11 lebih gk la n anis ngn lin pon xsmpai lg. ceh, kate nk dtg kul 11 siap sruh ktorg gerak awl lg..besela janji melayu...dlm 12 lbih bru dyorg smpai. pekena sket mi sup ayam yg fariza buat, peh smbal dy sumpah x pedas!! nyesal amek 2 sudu, smpai berair mata mkn..haha. Abes mkn amek gmbr jap kt tgge (gmbr 1st kt ats) then bertolak la ke rumah Enrique eigelisial aka quek (gmbr ke 2). then quek follow skali g umah atikah (gmbr ke3) n lastly g umah fatin (gmbr ke 4). so last2 kt umah faten dpt la bkumpul seramai 9 org. rekod ttinggi perjumpaan buddy!! haha..dlm kul 6 cm2, ingt nk pg rumah cikgu arep, cikgu kt mrsm dlu, tp rse2 mcm da lewat nk blk jb, so xjd la, lain thn la ckgu..haha. Quek cdangkan la msuk highway ikut tol pagoh, specific gle dy bg detail jalan sume, so ktorg pon ikut la. da siap jmpe signboard johor bahru ke kanan, ktorg stil gk ikut ckp quek n msuk kiri assuming msuk highway ikut pagoh lg dkt. so da bpuluh2 batu plak la drive nk smpai pagoh 2 and ktorg realize yg ktorg da bt 1 bnd bodoh. dr bp nk ke jb, ikut pagoh wtpe?? da mcm buat u-turn plak, da mmbazir dkt2 1 jam gk la. tq quek..jasamu dikenang..xkesah la. pengalamn..bukn slalu kne mcm ni..haha. cuak gak tkot2 sesat2 smpai kl psl jln nk ke pagoh 2 utan je keliling, nsib bek hari blom gelap. then da msuk highway, brenti jap kt perhentian machap semayang then blk la rumh masing2, sbb ak pny kete, so ak kne antr la dyorg blk dlu the ak blk last skali, smpai rumh dkt2 kul 10 gk la. x penat sgt la coz ak drive dr rumh ak ke rumh juliano kt uda then blk umah ak blk..haha, len sume dyorg drive. papepon, puas ati la braye ngn mmbe2 lme. hrap2 lpas2 ni bole jmpe lg rmai la. Insya-Allah..

Snapshot Raya..

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Macam biase la time2 raye ni, da pakai lawa2, baju baru2 sume kenelah amek gmbr, utk buat kenangan. Tunjuk kt anak2, cucu2 da tue2 nnt, ni la gmbr atuk mse hensem2 dlu..haha. Upload sket2 je la, nk upload sume kang penuh plak blog ni..huhu

gmbr xbape nk kualiti sgt, al-maklum, kamera murah..haha papepon gmbr 2 yg pntg, asal nmpk muke jadi la..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..
Maaf Zahir Batin..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..

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Sampul duit raya bertanda salib?

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nmpk mcm xde pape, kte zoom in sket..  
lihat pada bhgn yg dibulatkan..bukan tanda salib ke tu?    

ni plak, tgk benda bulat kt blkg 2    
haa..pndai je dy selit tanda salib..

Termasuk iklan hari raya tv3 thn ni, anugerah juara lagu yg lepas, mmg bnyk unsur2 freemason yg nk diserap ke dalam budaya kita ni, smpai sampul duit raya pon dy nk gune. Kesimpulannya, berhati2 la klu bli something tu.


Just Cause 2: Damn this mission!!

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I'm playing Just Cause 2 now, since I'd finish Mafia 2 a bit ahead of schedule (just 2 days), so I have no other games besides PES 2010 (which kinda boring rite now, wait for 2011 release). So, I bought the game for 15 bucks, the game I used to played a while before, I've downloaded it of course, then suddenly it gone dunno why. So, to download the whole 7gb thing is kinda take time so I've decided to spent some money, Its been a while too since I bought game, most of them I just download on Internet. Long story short, I've been playing quite a while and even though the mouse control sucks, I getting used to it now. But one thing I'll never get used to is handling a plane. Hell, it is really hard. tilt left right and my plane will go round and round. I've never compete in a single plane race in this game coz I know, I wont even get to finish it. So, there's this mission, with Ular Boys, haha..I konw stupid name right? The game took setting on some Asia island, most likely Malaysia I think coz all the place is refer as 'Kampung', 'Jalan', 'Tanah' and there;s a military base name 'Gunung Gila Pangkat' haha..nway..back to the mission, Its called Fry Me To The Moon. 1st I need to destroy all 3 satellite on top of all 3 rocket ready to launch in 10 minutes. All the rocket were place separated like 1KM away so I've to act fast and I manage to finish it under 5min..haha, nice, right?

then suddenly the Ular Boys leader contact me saying that there is 4th rocket ready to be launch any minute now and I have to destroy it on mid-air using plane!! damn!! So I grab a plane and my 1st attemp my plane crash on some building, so I've try again, I manage to get my plane un-crush and go after the rockets but since Im sucks at driving this things, I can get to target the rocket and hit it with machince gun. So, after like the 10th attempt..haha, I still cannot get on target with the plane so with anger burning inside me, I just crash my plane to the rocket. Guess what? it worked!! haha..I save my game like 3 times after that to make sure I didnt have to repeat this hell mission again...haha.

This is what supposedly happen, shoot the thing down, but instead i just hit it with ny plane and get out with parachute in time..haha..lucky me..

Iklan Aidilfitri TV3 2010 - Kontroversi

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TV3 bru shja mengumumkan bahawa iklan hari raya mereka dia atas ini ditarik balik dan meminta maaf kepada semua yg tsinggung dgn iklan tersebut di Buletin Utama sebentar td. Klu tgk skali je mmg xnmpk sgt, maybe pkck naik kereta ala2 santa claus 2 mmg obvious sgt and bunga mcm deepavali 2, but the truth is, bnyk lg benda yg tsirat dlm iklan 2 yg menghina agama Islam. Berikut dipetik dr

Scene 1 – Budak Lelaki Melayu sedang menilik-nilik sebuah buku bergambar di malam yang gelap dalam sebuah pondok buruk beratapkan rumbia dengan bertemankan sebiji mentol. Terdapat sebuah sangkar burung yang tergantung di sebelah kanan tingkap yang terbuka.
1….Budak Lelaki Melayu – Orang Melayu
2.Buku – Bible
3.Pondok Buruk Beratap Rumbia – Kemiskinan
4.Malam Yang Gelap – Islam yang mundur
5.Mentol Lampu – Pencerahan (Illumination) – Lucifer@Iblis
6.Sangkar Burung – Simbol manusia yang terkurung dan terkongkong dengan ajaran ISLAM
7.Tingkap Terbuka – Jalan keluar dari kemiskinan dan kemunduran

Scene 2 – Close up sehelai mukasurat yang mempunyai gambar sebuah beca bewarna merah dengan berlatarbelakangkan sebuah pokok Krismas dan North Star (Bintang Utara), menutup sehelai mukasurat lain bertulisan JAWI yang diterbalikkan (inverted).
1.Mukasurat Bergambar – Bible (Christianity)
2.Mukasurat Jawi terbalik – Al-Quran yang dihinakan
3.Beca Merah – Samaran untuk kenderaan Santa Claus
4.North Star – Bintang Kelahiran Horus (Dajjal)Pokok Krismas – Simbol Paganism

Scene 3 – Keluarnya bintang-bintang kecil beraura yang membawa cahaya dari gambar beca. Budak Melayu delighted (kagum dan gembira). Bintang-bintang berterbangan keluar dari tingkap rumah buruk lalu membentuk sebuah beca merah berlampu lip-lap dengan seorang lelaki separuh abad yang memakai songkok (bukan ketayap) putih dan berambut putih. Lelaki separuh abad mempelawa budak Melayu untuk bersama-sama menaiki beca merah dan seterusnya meninggalkan pondok buruk.
1.Bintang-bintang kecil beraura – Keajaiban, kekayaan, kemahsyuran, kemodenan etc.
2.Lelaki Rambut Putih Dan Bersongkok Putih – POPE – Ketua Agama Kristian
3.Pelawaan Menaiki Beca – Pelawaan Masuk Kristian

Scene 4 – Budak Lelaki Melayu dengan seorang Budak Perempuan Melayu masuk ke dalam beca dan terus duduk bersandar. (Scene ini memaparkan kejayaan memurtadkan (merosakkan) Bangsa Melayu)
1.Budak Lelaki Dan Budak Perempuan Melayu – Bangsa Melayu

Mukasurat Jawi terbalik – Al-Quran yang dihinakan

Scene 5 – Beca terbang ke Pulau Pinang, Teluk Intan, dan Kuala Lumpur. Tempat-tempat ini bercahaya dan bersinar (illuminated) dengan kehadiran beca merah.
1.Pulau Pinang – Tempat Illuminati mula bertapak (Francis Light)
2.Teluk Intan, Hilir P……erak (Anson) – Ada Illuminati Lodge kat sini. Rotary club pun bersepah.
3.Kuala Lumpur – Malaysian Illuminati punya capital.

Scene 6 – Tiba-tiba ada satu pasangan tambahan budak lelaki/perempuan melayu dalam beca.
1.Pasangan Melayu Extra – Murtad dan kerosakan makin berkembang dan mendapat sambutan

Scene 7 – Beca berhenti depan unit kondo. Satu pasangan budak Melayu lagi diorang pickup.
Budak Melayu Kampung gembira sampai bercahaya-cahaya mukanya.
1. Kondo – Bandar/Middle Class. Budak kampung dah diterima oleh orang bandar. Masuk Kristian adalah cool, urban, modern dsbnya.

Scene 8 – Seorang budak perempuan memeluk seorang budak perempuan lain dari belakang.
Kepala seorang budak lelaki hanya tersengih di tepi pasangan tersebut.
1.Pasangan Budak Perempuan Berpelukan – Lesbianism/Feminism
2.Kepala Budak Lelaki Tersengih – Lelaki yang tak dipedulikan dan diperbodohkan.

Scene 9 – Beca terbang merentasi sebuah pulau.
1.Pulau – Singapore lah.Lihat seterusnya..

Scene 10 – Beca terbang merentasi awan dan menuju ke sebuah kawasan pergunungan.
Kelihatan sebuah masjid di sebelah kiri, budak-budak Melayu tak mempedulikan kewujudan masjid malah lebih tertarik dengan pemandangan di bawah beca terbang.
1.K……awasan Pergunungan (Bukit-bukau) – tempat tinggal Jin
2.Masjid Kecil – Agama Islam yang lemah

Scene 11 – Budak-budak Melayu sudah mendarat dan terus berlari sambil menunjuk-nunjuk ke arah Masjid yang terletak jauh disebalik jurang yang dalam sambil ketawa berdekah-dekah. Terdapat dua tangan misteri yang juga sedang menunjuk-nunjuk ke aras masjid. Sebuah bangunan misteri berada di antara masjid dan budak-budak Melayu.
1.Bangunan Misteri – Sebagai cover up (Yang sebenarnya ditunjuk-tunjuk adalah Masjid)
2.Perbuatan Menunjuk Menggunakan Jari Telunjuk – Perlakuan Biadab

Scene 12 – Budak-budak Melayu berlari merentasi semak-samun mengikuti laluan bercahaya (Illuminated) menuju ke suatu tempat. Close up lelaki separuh abad ketawa gembira sambil memandang ke atas langit (mengetawakan Allah).

Balik Kampung!!

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Macam biase, menjelang musim2 perayaan ni mmg rmai yg akan pulang ke kampung halaman. So pandulah dengan cermat dan berhati-hati agar x dapat saman coz skarang mmg Ops Sikap da start dilancarkan, xpasal duit abes byar saman je nnt, and plg penting skali agar nyawa x melayang, klu bwk laju2, ko sorg yg eksiden xpe lg, jgn melibatkan org lain yg bwk elok2, ngn family pon menerima padahnye. Check kenderaan dulu sblm nk travel jaoh2, patuhi had laju, pkai seat belt, semua la yg korg blaja mse mule2 amek lesen dulu. So pandulah dengan cermat agar jiwa selamat. (gambar sekadar hiasan, bukn contoh yg baik utk pulg ke kmpg).

Mafia II - review

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Finally, after 8 years long waited since the first game in 2002, Mafia, Mafia 2 has came out. With a GTA-like kind of game which is for me is better, this isnt kind a game that you should miss playing. I really enjoyed playing this kind of games, it like we in the real world, bad world especially, beat up people, robbing car, bank, run off from the police, well since we cannot do all that stuff in the real world, we could try it here. Driving really fast, then crash, got shot, and died, got caught by police, its fun actually coz in the game we'll never die. You can even jump of from hundreds meter building and just ended up on hospital..haha. When we got a mission or something, we could hijack people car, drove it all away to the rendezvous point, we could drive freely as long as we're not dead. Then, we get to shoot other people with lots kind of firepower and guns, pursue enemy in many kind of way, boats, helicopters, named it. I've played 3 this kind of games before and all of its was totally worth playing:

1.Saboteur - set on Germany, and fight against Nazi. More on disguise-as-enemy-when-entering-enemy-base kind of games. Lots of jumping through buildings too.

2.GTA 4 - Lots of thing could be done, GTA 3 has more though, great storyline, involving pursuing enemy with boat then jumps on helicopter, whew..awesome..robbing a big bank and got pursued by swat and police. More action with large scale effect.

and last but definitely not least

3.Mafia 2 - set up in America on 1940s, with all the group of Mafia rules the city, doing business, get to join a Mafia family and become rich, got nice house, buy nice suit and so on. More like old-skool game and I loved it!! Nice!! although the mission is not as cool as GTA and Saboteur, i've still enjoyed playing it tough. I even got myself a nice house and car after joining a Mafia family..haha.


Its been only like, 8 hours of playing i'd already got to chapter 10 and got all this. Nice, right?? haha..nway..check out the rating and review of this games on:

The 2010 Emmys Awards

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Best Supporting Actor, Drama, Aaron Paul (left) as Jesse and Best Lead Actor, Drama, three years in a row, Bryan Cranston (right) as Walter in Breaking Bad Series

It's been only like two days since 2010 Emmy's Award was held in Los Angeles. And here's the category, nominations, and the winner (with **):

Best Drama Series
Breaking Bad
**Mad Men
The Good Wife
True Blood

Best Comedy Series:

**Modern Family
The Office
30 Rock
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Nurse Jackie

Best Actor, Drama
Matthew Fox, Lost
**Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Michael C. Hall, Dexter
Jon Hamm, Mad Men
Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights
Hugh Laurie, House

Best Actress, Drama
Glenn Close, Damages
Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights
Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
January Jones, Mad Men
**Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer

Best Actor, Comedy:
Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
Steve Carell, The Office
Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm
**Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
Tony Shalhoub, Monk
Matthew Morrison, Glee

Best Actress, Comedy:
**Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
Toni Collette, United States of Tara
Tina Fey, 30 Rock
Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation
Lea Michele, Glee
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The New Adventures of Old Christine

Best Supporting Actor, Drama
Michael Emerson, Lost
**Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad
Terry O'Quinn, Lost
John Slattery, Mad Men
Martin Short, Damages
Andre Braugher, Men of a Certain Age

Best Supporting Actress, Drama
Christine Baranski, The Good Wife
Rose Byrne, Damages
**Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife
Sharon Gless, Burn Notice
Christina Hendricks, Mad Men
Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy:
Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother
Chris Colfer, Glee
**Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family
Ty Burrell, Modern Family
Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy:
Sofia Vergara, Modern Family
Julie Bowen, Modern Family
**Jane Lynch, Glee
Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live
Holland Taylor, Two and a Half Men
Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock

Outstanding Reality Program
Antiques Roadshow
Dirty Jobs
**Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
Undercover Boss

Outstanding Reality Competition Program
The Amazing Race
American Idol
Dancing With the Stars
Project Runway
**Top Chef

Outstanding Miniseries
**The Pacific
Return to Canford

Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series
The Colbert Report
**The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Real Time With Bill Maher
Saturday Night Live
The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien

Outstanding Nonfiction Series
American Experience
American Masters
Deadliest Catch
**The National Parks: America's Best Idea

Outstanding Animated Program
Alien Earths
**Disney Prep & Landing
The Ricky Gervais Show
The Simpsons
South Park

Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series
Glee, "Pilot"
**Modern Family, "Pilot"
The Office, "Niagara"
30 Rock, "Anna Howard Shaw Day"
30 Rock, "Lee Marvin Vs. Derek Jeter"

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series
Friday Night Lights, "The Son"
The Good Wife, "Pilot"
Lost, "The End"
Mad Men, "Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency"
**Mad Men, "Shut the Door. Have a Seat"

And as i predicted, both male lead actor and supporting actor was won by Breaking Bad lead character cause they both were really good in that series. And, what the hell? three years in a row, best series? Madmen? I mean i'd only saw the pilot of the story which is BORING, but why? what so special bout it? It should've been Breaking Bad. Others categories i have nothing to say much because 90% of the series nominated here, i've never seen it before. I mean what happen to Fringe? Supernatural? Scrubs? Chuck? where all this good series? For example, Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory won the comedy actor awards, I still can accept that coz he's kinda funny but Neil Patrick Harris, potraying as the legend..wait for it..dary Barney Stinson only be nominated as Supporting Comedy Actor and didnt win it!! what the hell? who could be more awesome than him?? haha..I probably dont know for sure about the others nominations coz im sure as hell never sees their shows before. Nway, congrats Jesse and Walter, looking forward for Breaking Bad season 4.