Castle 3x24 - Knockout Promo (Season 3 Finale)

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on May 15, 2011

Finally, Castle will come to its Season 3 finale this Monday (its Tuesday in local time) and this is the promo from the upcoming episode. If this week we saw a typical Castle episode, where solving murder is just fun with them, judging from the promo, next week episode will be serious as hell. Can't wait for it. Anyway, not really in the mood of writing so I'm just gonna highlight few important thing from last week episode 'Pretty Dead':

Alexis going to Stanford

Well we know her boyfriend already got place in Stanford so Alexis who happen to have enough credit also applying for that college. Castle couldn't be in more shocked as well as I do. Does it mean that next season Alexis wouldn't be around much? That would be just sad cause she's really cute and I want her to appear in every episode, not her stupid boyfriend. haha.

Can you blame me for wanting her to appear in every episode? look how cute she is..huhu

Captain Montgomery to retire?

In the last part of last week episode, Montgomery tell them that he's going to retired next season probably as his anniversary present to his wife. But Beckett say that Montgomery 'retired all the time' which she quite sure that he'll be coming around again but I think his not going to, he's retiring for good. Its time to bring someone new to the force I think, just don't replace Ryan and Esposito cause they're awesome the way they are.

Castle and Beckett

If you're a fan of Bones series, you knew that these two series are very much alike, solving murder, one cops and the other one consultant, other team members, love tension between to main cast but the different now is that Booth and Bones are started to loved each other but still no sign for Castle and Beckett. Well to be fair Bones is already in its sixth season and Castle only third so there's still plenty of time. Go go go Castle and Beckett!!