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Alrighty, here's another good series i've been watching this lately and i thought i might share it with you guys.

The story is about an FBI agent named Agent Seeley Booth (man pic above) who got a case file involving bones or human remains. So, in order to figure out the crime, he had help from a forensic anthropologist, Dr Temperance "Bones" Brennan (woman pic above) who is a genius in researching on bones, human bones especially. From juz looking at the bones with naked eyes, she can actually know the bones sex, age, which makes her an excellent partner to Booth and quite and asset to the FBI. an of course she had help from her team, Angela Montenegro, a forensic artist who could build actual human faces from the bones and design some 3-dimensional feature for the bones (really amazing technology). Then there is Dr Zack Addy, a brilliant young doctor who started as an assistant for Brennan and become one like Brennan himself. Next is Dr Jack Hodgins, an entomologist who expert in spores and minerals who'd also happen to be really really rich, get this, Zack actually live with him but Zack also live in his garage, who happen to be really big, got many rooms and so on and Zack never actualy go to the main house, Jack's house, because there is a tennis court and pond in between them. Seriously, how rich is that? haha..nway, im just starting to see this series and it looks really promising especially when im running out of series rite know. haha. Try and see it, who knows you might love it like i do cause all my series is top class, highly rated because im a man of rating..haha

here's some snapshot from the series, it might give you guys an idea how its like:

 now this the 3D technology i've been talking about

seriously, that thing really can generate human face from the bones

it can even shows what the crime looks like, awesome..rite??

Dr Jack (left) with Dr Brennan analyzing the bones..

Dr Zack Addy in action..he's really a nerd guy..haha

that all for Bones series review. More info can visit below websites:

Iklan Petronas Merdeka 2010

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Haha..x boleh blah..skola menengah da bole buat projek camtu. Papehal kereta cendol tu mmg smart, klu komersial kan, Honda, Toyota, even Ferrari pon nk kot..haha

Merdeka!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!

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"1Malaysia Menjana Transformasi"

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke-53


visit official website: 

3 wins out of 3 matches..

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It may not be 6-0 like the previous two games, but it still a great start for this season, 12 point full collected with 14 goal scored and none conceded yet. Yeah, I've got to admit, we're kinda have an easy fixtures, but still it is important to collect the whole 3 points before we up against the big team. Great goal from Florent Malouda (pic) with a great pass by our very own captain, John Terry. Lampard may a bit off today, missing passes and penalty, but I still have faith on him. Second goal scored by Drogba through penalty after Anelka was brought down by Stoke's goalkeeper, Sorensen. He may have save the first penalty, but no more luck for him to save another one. Kalou replace Lampard, late in the game, Anelka make his way for youngster Sturridge and 17-million brazillian Ramires get to make his debut even for just 6 minutes or so. Overall, the game were a bit slow, Anelka and Drogba going too deep in mildfielder area to get ball but a solid perfomance by Terry and Alex on the back line. Nway, good job as always guys!!


Burn Notice Season 4 exclusive review..

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the 4th season isn't end yet, more likely on the break and will return on November..wth. Nway, here the story so far:

at the beginning of the season, Michael has to work for Vaughn and his first mission was to get a certain information on the government

and an agent named Jesse Porter, who've been working on that information for quite some time has been accused for what Michael had done. In other words, Michael just burned a spy.

and so, Michael felt guilty on his action and offer his help to Jesse to clear his name, without telling him that he's the one who'd burned him. After working together for quite some time, 10 episode to be precise, they found some coded bible that lead them to a very powerful man name John Barret and together they wants to take him down and Jesse can clear his name.

this is John Barret, i bet you can see the evil face of him. They set up a meeting with him on Miami to take him down once and for all. Well, everything went well until Jesse learns the truth that Michael was the one who burned him.

Now, Jesse wanted to kill Michael himself. Michael try to persuade Jesse to work together again but Jesse refuse to do so.

So, Michael set up the meeting alone, with Fiona and Sam back him up.

It all went up well until that stupid Vaughn and his men interrupted everything.

Barret ask him men to seize Michael and suddenly Jesse was there too and he shot Barret's man through Michael and Michael was badly injured.

Barret then grab injured-Michael into the car and storm off. Due to Michael bravery, he turned off the steering and the car went upside down.

I dont know whether Barret survive this crash but Michael is pretty much dying on above picture. Then suddenly someone came and took the case containing the encoded bible.

who was it? i dunno, but i think it's Jesse..well, we never know the truth until the series continues on November. Damn..another good series on break, which left me with Psych and Scrubs to watch..haha. That pretty much of what going on in 12 episode of Burn Notice and of course, this is just the main storyline, they'll be doing different gig to help people on every episode.

damn, i love this series!!!!

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UEFA 10/11 Champions League Draw

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here we go again, another season of breathtaking football clash between all champions all over Europe!!! As usual, they will be divided into 8 group, 4 clubs in a group and only two out of 4 will proceed to the last sixteen. Here's the group stage table:

haha..seems to me group G is the killer group here, Chelsea is place in group F among Marseille, pretty good team, Spartak Moscow, yeah, still will be quite a challenge, Zaina or wut the hell? never heard of it, Chelsea will probably beaten them 10-0 or something..haha. Man u is fair group with Valencia and Rangers, without Villa and Silva, Valencia wouldnt me that much of a threat. Arsenal, wth, really easy group i'd say, same goes with Barca. Spurs will be up against previous champion, Inter Milan. Haha, im pretty sure they didnt made it to the last sixteen. Overall, it seems fair. Looking forward for this season UEFA Champions League.

May the best become the Champion!!
I've just have the feeling, this year gonna be Chelsea year!!!

the moment of truth..

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no doubt!! its the climax for season 4 Burn Notice. Jesse finally learns the truth!! Here how it goes, at the start of season 4, Michael do some job requiring him to get some government file from certain company. Michael was able to retrieve the document smoothly but turn out, Jesse, another spy working on that place was accused for stealing it and got caught which makes Michael accidentally burned a spy!! Hah..what an irony, a burned spy burned another spy. Anyway, Michael is a good guy, he felt guilt on himself and try to help Jesse to clear his name without telling Jesse that he's the one who burned him. They do their mission together and they makes a good team until right now, episode 11, Jesse finally learn that Michael was the one who burned him and he really, really pissed. God know what will he do to make them pay. More on next week episode..

we nailed it..AGAIN!!!

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BOOYAH!!! another 6-0 win, which makes 12 goal in just two matches and no goal conceded, what a start!!! haha..I got to say, judging from the first 20 minutes or so, Wigan dominated the whole game and Chelsea only got 1 shot on goal. Uh-oh. Then 1st goal came from Malouda until the end of the 1st half. Early 2nd half, Anelka put a double with help from nicely play Drogba and nice pass from guess who? Freakin Mikel!! haha, he's getting better these day I guess. Then Malouda makes way for Kalou, and that brat scores another two with both assist from his countrymen Drogba, and set up another goal for that son of a bitch shouldnt be Lampard who scored that kind of goal..nway, its another goals galore for Chelsea and we deserve every single of it. That new boy Ramires didnt even in yet, if he's going to replace Mikel, I think it would 10-0 or something..haha. Nice jobs guys..really nice.

p/s to Anelka : if you're fasting, that really amazing..huhu, happy berbuka puasa la, someday i'll treat u Murtabak Harimau UTM..haha
proud to be The BLUES...


Pendidikan Seks dan Cara Menggunakan Kondom

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cayalah bro!! mmg straight forward, siap ngaku lg ko kawen ngn tgn ko..haha..papehal msj yg nk disampaikan tu mmg btul la..sketsa ko buat mmg smart, mila, mila..haha..

Psych..he claims to be psychic..

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what up!! haha..juz discover another great series to fill up my empty-series-schedule-due-to-lack-of great series-these-days event. Nway, the story is about a man, Shawn Spencer, who had a special ability of noticing and remembering things, details, even a small one, which make him a genius in solving many cases and problem. He started to work for the police department, as a psychic, he claims it himself, and together with his partner Gus, they opened a private detective company named psych, as for psychic and together they solved many cases.Its funny watching these two always arguing about something and it makes the story more interesting.

plus imdb rating is 8.8!! nothin get past me when the rating is that high..haha
i'm a man of rating..

we nailed it!!! 6-0...

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1st game of the season!! A hat-trick from Drogba, 2 goals from Malouda and 1 from our very own Frank Lampard. Brilliant play by them and David Matteo, former Chelsea player sides, don't stand a chance against the Champions. Lampard came off on 60++ minutes to be replace by Benayoun. WTH?? If Lampard stays, it could be 8 or 10 goals coz Benayoun is freakin crap useless s**t..haha..hate him..nway, good job guys!!!


New Season....

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Barclays Premier League 2010/11

New Season has started!!!
Will Chelsea be crowned champions again??

join fantasy premier league and become a manager yourself!!

join group TheBroCode..what up!
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