Fringe - The Day We Died

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It is the end of season 3 Fringe. As usual, the season finale of Fringe never cease to amaze me at the end of the first season we learned that Peter is from the other universe, there was two universe which slightly different from the other, at the end of season 2 Peter went back to his universe, Olivia got swapped, William Bell died and all but this time, here's how it unfold:

The Ancient Machine

We know what this machine can do. It can destroy a whole universe. Who can control it? It's Peter and Peter only. Why? asked Walter cause he's the one who builds it at first place. I thought it was invented by 'The First People'? yeah you right, turns out, Walter, is one of the First People. He's the one who sent the machine back in million years. Why he didn't remember anything at first? My best guess is because of the part of his brain that were removed by William Bell. Why Walternate can't remember anything? He didn't have part of his brain removed? Again, my theory is Walter design this alone, Walternate had no idea about this machine.

*some update about this topic, I was wrong about something, Walternate did built this very same machine over there and only Walter sent the machine back million years because he know the machine could bring destruction. Again it's just my theory, just wait for the real answer next season.

A Paradox

"I can't change what happen because it's already happened. But you can make a different choice within what happen." is what Walter said to Peter. We know that Walter sent the machine millions years back for God know why, and they discover the machine parts like the way they in couples of episode back and the machine is re-assembled and Peter use it to destroy the other universe. But Peter could made a different choice, which is not to destroy the other universe. Why can't Walter just not sent the machine back in time like Peter suggest? from my understanding, you can't change the past, it's a paradox just like Walter said, he'd already done it but he can make Peter did the right thing by bringing his consciousness to the future and see for himself what would happen if he destroy the other universe hence what happening now in this final episode, Peter is in year 2026 where their universe start collapsing and the other universe is no longer exist.

The Two Universe

One thing we know for sure is that one universe can't live without the others. Since the day that Peter destroy the other universe, our own universe has started collapsing itself.

Present and Future

We can pretty much figure out that Peter went to the future after using that machine in the previous episode but why he was sent to the future? Here's why, Walter somehow manage to alter the machine so that when he sent the machine back million years in the past, it got discovered, Peter use it, and Peter consciousness get to travel to the future in 2026 to see what happen if he use it to destroy the other universe. After all of the future journey that had been quite amusing to me, where Peter and Olivia got married, Ella, Olivia niece joins Fringe Division, Broyles become a senator, Walter got prisoned, Olivia got killed and all, Peter consciousness travel back to present time which is 2011 to explain everything he know would happen if the war between two universe continues.

Fixing Thing Up

So, to fix thing up, the present Peter, using the machine, combine the two universe, the Liberty Island only, where both machine were located in both universe, along with Walternate and the other Olivia to settle things down and work together on fixing the problem. Peter explained everything two both Walter and Olivia about all the thing that he learned about the machine, about what could happen in the future if this war continues and then poof! Peter just gone. 


We all know he's the villain in this story and he's continue on being one even after his universe got destroyed by Peter. He somehow managed to travel across before his universe gone for good. So, he's planning on a revenge by accelerating the collapsing the universe process here using the lightbomb or something with the help from a group name The-End-Dayers.

He's even managed to kill Olivia as part of his revenge against Peter.

Peter Never Existed??

At first I didn't understand why both Walternate and Olivia didn't show any reaction towards Peter disappearing, but after the Observer conversation and some review that I've read on the internet, Peter is no longer existed!! WHAT!? Yeah, if you noticed the argument between Walternate and Walter, Walternate didn't even mention Peter got stolen from him as if he'd never existed. According to one of the review I've read, Peter is created as a means to an end, whether he destroy both universe, or save both, he fulfilled his purpose by bringing them together to fix the problem together and he's gone and already forgotten by them. It makes sense though cause Peter should never really existed right now cause both Peter should die of sickness when they were kid.

Walter got prisoned for what he'd done

Ella, Olivia's niece, kinda cute though

Broyles become a Senator, with a new right-eyes

Olivia has mastered her telepathic ability 

Finally they're together, no kids though cause Olivia didnt want
their kid to live in the near apocalypse world

Walternate set a meeting with Peter

Olivia got killed cold-blooded by Walternate

Peter is explaining everythin to Walter before he 'gone'

Both side have to work together now to prevent apocalypse

The Observer - always a mysteries..

Will Peter still exist in the next season? Of course he did, he's the main character after all. My best guess, next season gonna take place in the future, what happen after the other universe got destroyed, how Peter and Olivia ended up married, how Ella become a Fringe Squad, what happen to the other Olivia and her kids, how Broyles got his new eyes and become a senator, where the hell did Gene the Cow go, all these question will be answered in season 4 without doubt. Any misinformation from this review, leave comments below, it took me hours to understand and wrote this review so, I'm not fully understand about the story either. So that's it, last word, this is the best series I've ever watched in my life!