when u burn, u got nothin..

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My name is Michael Western. I used to be a spy until...
"..we got burn notice on u.."

yet another cool series to be added to my collection.
A stories of a spy named Michael Western who got burned or blacklist, blakmail..etc n got dump in Miami with frozen account, no ID, no job history n no way of getting put of Miami until he figure out who burned him n why. He's stil got someone to back his ass up, his old friend, Sam Axe, ex-Marines, got a bunch of cops friends, Fiona, ex-gf, gf n ex-gf again n about to be gf again, a thief, currently a weapons dealer, n his mom Madeline, always try to connect with her son, asking favors n often in danger coz some people were after Mike's family to get to him.

the 1st season was more on Michael trying to figure out who burned him at first place. While figuring out, he's help people solve their problem which mostly involves bad guys. He become somekind like neighbourhood superhero or something, At the of 1 st season, he finally got the file containing burned information on him n he learned that there were some kind of organization called 'Management' who burned him to make him works for them.

the 2nd season introduce a new character, Carla, Management's operator who operates Michael thru several missions. He works a while with another burned spy, Viktor in the mission. Climax of the season is where someone were trying to kill Michael by wiring a bomb to his apartment door which almost got himself killed. then, the search for the unknown killer begins and it turns out to be the old Viktor. Michael manages to catch Viktor n soon they become buddy because they shared the same vision, to take down the management. things didnt go quite well which end up Carla died by Fiona's hand n Michael has to kill Viktor to came out as a hero to all this conflict. He gets to meet the 'Management' n told them to stay out of him life. Management warned him that since he got burned, they the one who keeping Mike's asses from his old nemesis n police. n since now Mike's free from Management clutches, he back on radar for his old enemy n police to track his ass again.

cont to season 3..still didnt fnish watch it up yet...huhu