Dead Space

Filed Under () by hafizhans on May 6, 2010

Finally!! im finish playing this breathtaking horror sci-fi shooting game. the game was developed by EA Redwood Shores and presented by EA on 2008. It almost 2 years till now, so im kinda 'left behind' in playing this game considering that i didnt have powerful enough PC to play this kind of game in previous years. Well. wuteva it is, this game is stil AWESOME!. recommended by some fren of mine and its about a person named Isaac-somethin was on a rescue mission with several other crew on a spaceship named Ishimura which is freakin creepy!! they on board the ship to repair some stuff n they have no idea tht most of the people inside the ship was killed by some creepy horror looking alien monster. Isaac n two other people survive, n we will be playing as Isaac to run some errands in order to get the hell out of that shitty spaceship. there were quite many kind of monster we encountered among the journey n the final one is so fuckin big!!, At first, when im playing this game, im almost encountered a heart attack coz the alien juz showed up in nowhere so its kinda creepy but when u gets used to it, u juz wanna to blow all the son of bitch to pieces with no fear. Im not really understand much about the storyline but wut do know is Dead Space 2 is coming right up n its gonna be fuckin awesome!! haha..

several screenshot from this game:

Overall I rated the game 9 out of 10.

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