Supernatural...the epic meet its end...

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"carry in my wayward son,
there'll be peace when u're done, 
lay your weary head to rest, 
don't you cry no more.." 

-songs by Kansas

Finally!! after five long season, the main storyline has come to its end. It was one of my favourite series n the first ever US tv series i'd ever watched. I've started watching this series on tv3 n first time i'd seeing it, wow, its awesome. i kinda like watching spooky stories especially this series, whereas they actualy hunt ghost down but unlike ghostbuster, where they using some gadget, laser beam or something, this series actualy use pretty common things such as salt, holy water, and many else, Its not like im believing it, cause every religion has their own way to deal with this kind of stuff. Well, the story also involved some serious stuff like God, angels, demon, but i personally think they didnt harm our believes, it just for a show, so dont believe any of it.

A quick summary about this series, Dean, the older brother and Sam Winchester lost their mother when they were still a kid. A yellow-eyed demon kills her and since that, their life start to change. John, their father, started to hunts the demon and alongside their quest, they helps people by killing numerous demons, ghouls, bad spirit n many kind of things, u name it. when they getting older, Sam decided to run away n live a normal live as a college boy who was about to bcome a lawyer. One night, Sam' girlfriend, Jessica, got killed the same way his mother did, which means the same yellow-eyed demon kills her. So, he decided to joins Dean against for revenge. And their journey begin by driving the epic 1967 Impala all over the country helping people and finding leads to find the yellow-eyed demon. At the end of the 1st season, rejoin by their father, they almost got to kill the demon but lose their chances, got hit by the truck by the demon, their car trashed, dean was in coma. So, John made a deal with the demon, his life for Dean. Usually, u got like ten years to live after making the deal but since the Winchester got quite an issue with demons, John got only 1 day to say goodbye to his sons. Dean lives, and cont their journey in killing the demons. they found a colt tht could kill the demon and in the season 2 season finale, they manage to kill that s.o.b but a large number of demons manages to escape from hell. So, they are at war with demons in season 3. Season 3 climax, Sam somehow got killed and Dean couldnt live with it and made himself the same deal his father did to him but instead of 1 day, dean got a year to live, quite a bargain eh? so, they started to finds a way for dean to not get killed. got some helps from twisted demon, Ruby but in the end, Dean stil dies at the hand of hellhounds. Season 4 premiere, what a shock!! Dean actualy came back to life! te angel itself brought him back, said tht he haid an important role. So, he's back but Sam has changed quite a bit, since he's been staying wih Ruby, he become addicted to demon's blood which had make him quite powerful, no need a long spell to exorcise a demon. Dean got worried n upset of what Sam have become and blamed Ruby for it. Ruby was just using Sam all along to made him release Lucifer by killing Lillith. The angel started to shows up, Casstiel, he warns Dean to stop his brother from doing tht or he's gonna do it himself. Dean failed his task, Sam breaks Lucifer free from hell and its conclude season 4. Season 5 begins with Lucifer breaks free n apocalyse is coming to town. Sam realise his mistake n try to figure out how to stop the devil with Dean. the angel, Zachariah, came up with a plan, whereas, Dean will be Michael, the most powerful angel, vessel while Sam become Lucifer's vessel and they will fight against each other and millions of casualties will dies along the battles. Sam n Dean totally against it n try to figure a way out themselves. they had help from the fallen angel Casstiel who'd turn rebel, some demons who wants Lucifer dead as they are, Crowley and of course Bobby. Gabriel had give them some ways to put Lucifer back to his cage, they needed to collect all 4 horsemans rings to open the door, so they've mnage to collect all of them, although the horseman Death juz simply give it to him, wow. Sam came up with that he say yes to lucifer, than he jumps into the cage n lucifer n him stuck forever in there. At first everyone totally against him but turn out, its the only way. so, they meet Lucifer, Sam says yes n hoping tht he could took control of the body from lucifer but turns out, he'd fail. So of they go to fight battle with Michael, who's using Adam body, the third Winchesters, their stepbrother, but Dean came butt in to have a chat with Sam. Cass got rid of Michael for a while n Lucifer kinda piss off n with a simple click. Cass blows to pisces and Bobby neck breaks. So, Sam, who's currently Lucifer in charge of the body, beat the crap out of Dean on the Impala's car and suddenly, all their memories flashed back on Sam, n the real Sam could take control again. So he jumps into the cage and accidently dragged Michael with him n they've gone. Cass was revive by God, with his power back and turn out, he's gonna be new sheriff in heaven since absent of michael. he revived Bobby n vanish in the thin air.Dean went back to Lisa's house, the woman he loved n got kid too, named Ben, because he promised Sam tht he'll never try to brings Sam back. So, it the happy ends for Dean but suddenly, the light went out outside the house and there stood Sam watching them from outside. So, the question is, is it Sam or Lucifer? the whole story was written by Chuck, the prophet, but kinda cross my mind, maybe he is the so-called God cause all he's write become true n suddenly he vanished from thin air.

whew!! that's quite detailed summary i just wrote..huhu. Well, the main story has concluded but it is said tht the story has OFFICIALLY been renewed for sixth season, even Dean says his contract extended, so, im pretty much sure they will be another season for this Winchesters boys..Voila!!