running out of series...

Filed Under () by hafizhans on May 26, 2010

i cant believe it!! when the semester break starts, i actualy got like, 14 series that released every week eventually n now its came down to only 2!! and both of them are near to its end too!! wow..what am i supposed to do for the rest of this breaks? Well, nway, sorry for being emotional. i coulnt help it coz after watchin 2 hours special of Lost series finale, i felt disappointment, a bit frustrated, both glad n sad coz the story has ended for real, not to mention emotionally touched by the scene whereas they remembered it other, they, its remind me of a feeling when i was broke up with my ex's..haha. Then another 2 hours special of season finale Chuck, whereas its ends quite brilliantly n despite the serious action, sad event, there's still a lot of laughing part in that series. thanks morgan, jeffsters, big mike n awesome, u guys were awesome even playing as minor part in the story. So, as usual, im gonna come up with a review of every series that i watched, especially the one that has ended soon enough. a bit tired today, coz i juz learned that Lost already out couple days ago n chuck season finale is today, so, with my download account has expired, i had to go to the bank, deposit money to buy a new one, wait till my account updated n suddenly my laptop buat hal, so i juz grab my sis laptop, go to the UTM (my download heaven) n suddenly, the cabel cannot be connected so i have to download it using wifi, which is juz around 100-400kbps, which is slow for me, coz usually if im using cabel, i can get till 1.0-2.0mbps. with a passion to watch how the story ends, i tell myself to be strong (poyo shal) n its worth it, every single of it. well, i think im gonna crash early tonite n here's some series that already ended or wrap up its season n soon im gonna post a review bout every single of it.

its gonna takes some time to write a review of all of them n i got plenty of time left..huhu