The Pacific (HBO miniseries) - review

Filed Under () by hafizhans on May 23, 2010

Seriously, I never thought of watching some series historical series like this. It is a miniseries produced by HBO coz its only had 10 episodes. Well, at first, the only thing makes me watch this series is that is was directed by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, wow, cool..a must watch series is what I thought in my mind. Luckily the season premiere was about to come, so I downloaded the first episode without hesitation and turns out it wasn't a total disappointment. The story basically focused on the lives of the Marine Corps, the toughest division in US Army I believe, during the World War II. Marine Corps division isn't like others, most of the time, when I watch a series or movies, some cool tough guys usually says they'd serve for marines. So, I started to wonder, why this marines guys so fearless, and I after I watched this series, I know why. During the war, they've been through hell, coz they're the one who'd be sent to infiltrate enemy base in some pacific island where the jungle lives is really extreme with all the mud, heavy rain, no clean water, and worse of all, they facing the Japanese soldier, who'd according to them, could survive there without food for quite a long time, and all the banzai thing. There actualy one incident whereas the marines hesitate to kill the Japs n suddenly the Japs blows himself

Most of the character in this series represent a real person and most of them already died. The main character should be Robert "Bob" Leckie and Eugene Sledge coz they're the one who'd shows up more in this series. After all, the idea of this series was primarily from their books and memoirs. Not to forget the legendary John Basilone, who'd wins the highest honor in US Army, the Medal of Honor after his brave action in Guadalcanal after he manage to hold of 3000 Japs army with his 15-men reduces to two mens. He also holds the burning  gattling gun with his bare hands n receives 3rd degree burns after that. They are several other marines who'd survives till now like Sidney Phillips, Burgin and they shares some of their experience in every episode beginning. The story ends with all the marines head back to town, continues their lives, getting married, finds jobs and some of them even lost their way, having nightmare every, trauma and many else.

Overall, for those who likes historical story likes Pearl Harbor, should watch this series. Even though it is mainly focused on the life of the marines, but the action in the battlefield is totally real deal, its like you even been there. Above all, I'm totally impressed on how they manage to create a 1940's settings throughout the series, must be consuming lots of money.