Fringe - Season 2 season finale exclusive review..

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yet another outstanding season for Fringe series, created by the same person who'd created Lost series, this series had become one of my favorites. Previously, I'd written quite along post about the whole story so far, and here's the season finale for season 2. Plus, I'd even put up some pictures of, I'm really obsessed on this series rite now.

So, they've made it to the other side of universe to rescue Peter and their universe. As shown in picture next to this, they're a different between their side and our side.See those flying thing and also their architecture. Let just say their technology is quite more advance that this side.
and of course..the people also slightly differ there, Olivia with a brunette hair instead of blonde which much cuter i think..huhu and Charlie still alive there!!! this side he'd died because of shape-shifting, poor him. They actualy had an actual Fringe division there, no FBI but Department of Defense.

see those brownish area? Those are part of city that had been quarantine due to anomaly from the other side. It is all started when Walter first travel here to kidnap Peter. This isnt the only place had been quarantine and it is all thanks to Walter..haha..the real Walter I mean, Walter here we called Walternate.

Walternate - Secretary of Department of Defense, also, Head of Fringe team. Wow, how cool is he, totally different from our lovely Walter who'd spent 17 years in Mental Institute, have a cow in his Lab and..well, lets juz say, the total opposite of him..huhu

Peter first encounter with the brunette yet cute Olivia. He also said he likes her hair better and she's totally different from the blonde Olivia, the ones that he loves..

Walter and William works together again to build a 'doorstep' to other side to go back there and take Peter with them, meantime, Olivia is tracking for Peter whereabouts. Apparently, Walter still really pissed with William bcoz he has stole Walter's memory and let Walter rot in mental institute while he himself become the most richest man in the world.

Olivia vs, is must be awkward pointing guns at yourself, luckily the hair isnt the same otherwise you'd become crazy already..haha. Our Olivia, the blonde hair, asking the other Olivia for Peter's whereabouts. They both have a good skills in fighting, and blonde Olivia juz get lucky to win it. the brunette Olivia remain unconscious and our Olivia colored her hair brunette too and act to be the other now, they both have a same looks..

Charlie arrived and have no idea that she wasnt the Olivia that he knew. Olivia used him to get to Peter. Imagine how spooky for Olivia to talk to her death friend again..huhu.

So, they arrived at Peter's, and Olivia smash Charlie had with bottle of beer to make him unconscious. Olivia tells Peter all the truth about Walternate planning to use him to destroy the other universe not to heal the anomaly here. Peter refuse to go back at first but when Olivia express her feeling to him..he changed his mind..

then, they meet each other at the same place they came here and was ready to travel back. the Fringe team came and Bell told Peter to help his father set up the machines while he and Olivia holds the enemy.

Bell tried some pf his new inventions, the 77 pistol or something, he gave the fringe division the 76 which made his weapon is much advance. Olivia sets somekind of bombs which cause this picture ---> explosion and manage to escape with Bell.

So, they're ready to travel back. Bell offered his atomic power inside his body cause he already travel between universe soo many time already, I dont know whether he survives or not but before they went of, Bell answered one of Walter's question, "why did you stole my memory?", he answered, "because, you told me to do so, you afraid of what u'll become",

so, they get safely back and Broyles where there to welcomed them back.

and Peter decided to forgive Walter because he did across the universe twice now to saves Peter's life, juz like he said..huhu.

here's the best part of season 2 season finale, as I much suspected from Olivia weird behavior, the ones who'd travel back here with them wasnt the real Olivia but actualy the Olivia from the other suspect this happen when the explosion occurred. i'd expect something like this ought to happen otherwise there will be no season 3..huhu. the picture shown Olivia was communicating with the other side..

<--- the message was like this...n the replied didnt showed but i suspect its somekind like "kill walter n bring peter back"..huhu

here's our poor stuck in the other side inside the prison. Walternate was watching her -->

And that concludes season 2. with evil Olivia in our side what will happens to Peter and Walter? Did she manages to get him back to the other side? will good Olivia escape from prison? What the Observer would do? find out more in Fringe season 3 which is renewed for 22 episode but God know when it will be release.

p/s: the best review i wrote so far and i wrote it as soon as i finished watching it even, there's still Flashforward, Chuck, V, House to watch..credits should be given to me..huhu