House MD - Season 6 review

Filed Under () by hafizhans on May 24, 2010

damn, another series wrap up their season, I'm running out series to watch right now n semester break is stil a month to go. Gotta finds some new series to watch soon..haha. Nway, lets get back to season 6 review. The season premiere 2 hours special was about how House spending his time in some rehab center coz on season finale season 5, he keeps getting hallucination due to his drug and agree to go to the mental institute to fix himself. So, his life is quite the same, jerk as ever, but he stop from taking the drugs, Vicodin. After he's been released, his psychiatrist told him not to continue his medical practice coz he thinks that the reason why  he's on drugs. So, in order for House to bear with his leg pains without drugs, he finds a new hobby such as cooking.Wilson asked him to move with him to a new apartment, coz he couldnt let House alone in his old apartment afraid he might gets back into drugs. House than realize all his hobby didnt working well so he back on practicing medicine. Turns out he's doing pretty well without the drugs. So, he's back and start recruiting his team back, Chase and Foreman was easy, but he had to persuade Thirteen and Taub to come back. So, they treating patient as usual and House is pretty much stil jerk as before but there's some changes in him. He always try to help people, well in his way,I mean the jerk way but still it went well coz he'd save many patient life, save Taub's marriage, help Wilson's relationship with his ex wife and many else. He been doing all that hoping that if he be good to other people, something good will happen to him to coz his life is pretty much miserable. So, in season finale, Wilson ex-wife is moving in, so House has to move back to his old apartment, plus Cuddy is moving in with Lucas and getting married. House getting even miserable when he'd fail to save a patient life even after he do the right things so the final 5 minutes of the season, House went back to his home, worn out, smash the mirror in the bathroom and there's a hole behind it contains a bottle of Vicodin. He pretty tense rite now coz after all he'd done, his life still miserable. While he's holding the pills in his hands, someone came in. For a second there I thought he's really gonna take drugs again and I though it was Wilson who'd came. It was Cuddy. She told House that she has ended up with Lucas coz she tried to move on but she can't, she still love House. House get up, they both kissed and his throw the pills away. 

What a happy ending for House season 6. Hope his life will gets better in upcoming season.Oh, before I forgot, Thirteen did put some letter on House's desk and was caught by Taub. She only said that she needs some time off and I think her disease is getting worse. Damn, another cute girl walks away, Cuddy is kinda hot but she's old, I hope they recruit some other cute hot Dr next season...huhu.