hafiz's next top handphone..(final 3)

Filed Under () by hafizhans on May 2, 2010

whew...wut a day!! spending the whole day walking around searching for somethin. Well, here's the story..

The story begin with a one quite handsome boy who's one day finds out that his old2 phone suddenly shows a black screen. The weird thing is, budk 2 xdela pkai sgt pon phone 2 psl xde spe nk msg, al-maklum..org single..hahaha..ari2 msg Maxis je yg msuk..huhu. THEN, he decided that finally IT IS TIME.. to move on to new phone era which is phone with touch screen, smartphone, etc..

And so the journey begins with searching for review in the internet. Considering duit yg x sberape, coz da angkt laptop dkt 4ribu ari 2, so, phone like IPhone, Xperia X10, HTC Desire, Nexus One, yg mncecah 2-3ribu mmg xpyh pndg la.wt sakit ati je. So, the search for cool+affordable phone continues...

and the result of the findings is as follows (ranks from most wanted to so on..):

                                                              1.  HTC tattoo - RM900++

                                                           2. Samsung Monte - RM999

                                                            3.Samsung Star - Rm700++

and thats the top 3 of my most wanted phone. The 2 of it no2 n 3 already founded today during jalan2 but the top most wanted still couldnt be found anywhere..so, the search will continues tmorrow as i'll be heading east towards jusco tebrau coz there's a rumor tht the 'most wanted' is there...

so..wut will be the outcome of this battles? who will be my next top handphone? see u next time as the result will be REVEALED!!! hahahah..

p/s: credits to athirah ahmad for giving me the spirit back to wrote a post in this blog again after whole 5 month went A.W.O.L..