Fringe trivia..

by hafizhans on May 8, 2010

Owh..watching those series pumps my adrenaline up n made me to write a post about it. I've once post something about this series before, in fact, the name of this blog 'the road not taken' was inspired from this series too, not from some poem coz im totally not a poem kind of guy..huhu.

So, let me review about the post i've written before, but first let me brief a lil bit bout this series. Fringe is basically a field of science which totally out of our imaginations. Things like get trough walls, invisibility, teleport, jumps through time, shape-shifting and alternate universe. So, our main character in this story would be Olivia Dunham, an FBI agents, Peter Bishop the "Jack of all trades" kind of guy, his father 186 IQ level scientist, Walter Bishop, Lab assistant as well as Walter's babysitter, Astrid Farnsworth. So, in his primetime, Walter is a genius scientist who invented so many unimaginable things with lab partner William Bell who turned up to be the richest man in the world right now thanks to his Massive Dynamic company. And of course, as scientist, Walter had run some tests on people including children who one of them happens to be Olivia Dunham.

The story started with Olivia encountered with several weird cases which most of it connected to Walter's old experiments. So, she had Peter to get his father out of Mental Institute and help them with the investigation. Amd their investigation finds out some pattern tht they might be someone responsible for all this to happen. So. here's the best part, Walter n William once discovered an alternate universe which is quite same but not entirely the same. I mean theres also a Walters there, (which he called Walternate) n he's a scientist too n have a same wife n son but the different between the universe is, that Peter here, Walter's son already died of somekind of uncurable disease but the other Peter, Walternate's son is stil survive but wil soon die too. Walter already built somekind of window to the other side so that he could see what Walternate been do n he happens to finds out the cure to save the other Peter. So, he created the ultimate device to travel to the other universe to treat the other Peter. So, he took Peter back to this universe, n treat him. Well, as much as a father loves his son, Walter couldnt bear to send back Peter back to other side so he keep Peter till now without him knowing and YES, Peter rite now is from the other universe. Remember about Olivia being experiment during her childhood? well, thats given her the ability to see things if it from the other side. and she could Peter with some glowing which means Peter not from this side n Olivia knew it. She asked Walter about it n Walter confessed but beg her not to tell him yet. Walter planning on telling him but one day, Peter learned himself. He couldnt face the truth n ran away. N finally, the episode i watch just now, and the end of it, Walternate has come from the other side of universe, to see his rightful son while Walter from this side is on his way to see Peter too..n WOW...this gonna be interesting..

few images to helps clear things up:

1. the alternate universe whereas the empire state building still standing, there were never 11 Sept incident here.

2. Walter n the other Peter juz travel back from the other side of universe.

3. Top pic: Walter from this side, 
Bottom pic:Walternate (Alternate Walter, Peter's real father)

4. See those glowing effect around Peter? Olivia learns the truth about Peter coming from the other side

whew..i didn't believe i jus wrote all this, totally obsessed with the series. Nway, its a really good series n for more info, juz Google it..haha..