Gormogon revealed...

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remember the Gormogon case in Bones i'd mention earlier in this blog? At the season 3 season finale, the culprit was finally revealed and it was totally shocking. Before we get on to that, the five minutes start of the episode was shocking enough for me cause in the last episode Booth was shot by some crazy women trying to protect Brennan and I thought he'll be juz fine coz he stil runnin the character until now, season 6, but when they gather around asking Brennan to come to Booth's funeral it got me thinking, what the hell happens here?? Is he really dead? then who'll be playing as Booth? then suddenly Booth appeared in disguise as one of the shooter at the funeral and turns out he's faking his death for the sake of national security to caught some culprit. Oww, what the hell, if I seeing the episode when season 4 didnt come out yet, I'll sure as hell thought he's dead. Nway, back to the Gormogon case, Brennan suddenly got a package of jaw bones which related to the Gormogons case. And turns out the culprit works at Jeffersonian. Then Zack and Hodgins runs some experiments to indicate something and turns out to be an explosive that got Zack a third degree burn on his both hand. So, he was brought to the hospital and he turns out to be juz fine. Then the skeletal bones in the Gormogons vault was missing and the explosion was some sort od diversion which makes it all clear that it is an inside job. Rumors started spread thinking that Hodgin was actually the Gormogon, cause he works at there, got all access to labs, have the opportunities to swap the chemical that cause the explosion and I almost believe it too because of his all secret societies conspiracy but considering he still be at the fourth season, nah..its not him. Dr Sweets was also considered as suspect but turns out the real culprit was the innocent-geek-got exploded Dr Zack Addy. Who couldnt thought of that?? In the end it turn out that Zack was really the killer but he didnt eat the human flesh like his crazy master. Zack told everything that even he made the explosion but it got out of control. Then he told Booth about his master approach him several month ago and because Zack is a man of logic and all, he falls for that. So he become his apprentice and kills the Lobbyist and provide the human flesh for his master. Zack then told his master whereabouts and FBI got that bastard for good. Wow..totally unexpected ending, I actually likes Zack because of his innocence and geekness look, not to mention he is also really brilliant but that doesnt change the fact that he killed a man. For cooperating with FBI, he'll be locked up in some psychological institute instead of prison and that conclude Gormogon case and Bones season 3....

we Bones series die hard fans gonna miss u man...


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