date or hate?

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on October 11, 2010

Ok, another things I got from Bones but this time no creepy bones or psychopath killer, It is about this dating things called Date or Hate which i think was really brilliant. It basically juz the same as any other date-matching program but this one got its own creativity. So, here how it works, register as usual at the company, state interest blah, blah, blah and then they will find some possible match for you. What interesting is they provide a software on your hp whereas whenever you were in 100 yards with your potential match, both phone will rings out like this:

and both people could chose whether to choose "date" or "hate". If both chooses "date" they gonna get each other phone numbers so they could really dating each other. Nice right? haha..of course you gonna need an intelligent phone to be able to install app like that..3310 user is totally out..haha.