The Event - New Series

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on October 5, 2010

ok, have I ever told you how much I like watching some mysterious series like Lost, Flashforwad, Fringe, Supernatural and so on? Story like plane got crashed on some mysterious island, when suddenly everybody in this world got a blackout, travel between two universe, dealing with demons, things like that really get my interest. Since Lost finally ends it crappy but satisfying series, and Flashforward was on break after a little bit disappoinment over the season finale of season 1, Im starting to search for a new full-of-mystery series and I found this, The Event. Judging from the picture above, and the title, there's nothing mystery about it except for who the hell is this beautiful girl? haha..nway, so I spent my time to watch the seaon premiere and it left me with lots of mystery after watching. The things about this mysterious story is that once you watched it, it will leave a question mark on you and you have to follow the story up till the end to have an answer for it. For example like series Lost, even though the last two season was really full of shit and all, I'd still have to watch it bcoz I wanna get an answer for all things that happen mysteriously in that series. Back to The Event series, it has a lot of flash back juz like Lost which pretty much annoys me but I cut them some slack since it was the pilot of the story. So it basically about a man, Sean Walker who go on vacation with his girlfriend Leila on some cruise. Then suddenly Leila got missing like he never even been on the cruise and Sean was really confused and he suddenly got accused on a murder. So he ran, trying to find his gf and a week later he suddenly ended up in a plane. Plane was piloted by Leila's father, who got threaten to pilot the plane or his daughter dies. He got no choice but to pilot the plane towards some place where the President of US were going to announce something to the world. Sean tried to talk some sense into him that Leila wouldnt wants him to do something like that but he wont listen, so the plane goes straight towards the place and suddenly it freakin GONE!!!!!! what the hell??

the plane was there at first..

then its disappear in the thin air with that blue ray of light

wow..I know..right? Ok, lets hear the story from the President side. In 1944, there was a plane crash in some mountain place in US and all the victim on that plane was not really a human. I mean they do looks like us but from 1944 up till now, they're face havent changed at all, I mean they didnt age. Sound like Richard in Lost but this time it not juz one person, it about hundreds of them. Some of them escaped and live among us till these day while the others got locked up in some special holding security. Apparently, the President never knew about these things, and once he knew it, he gonna announce their existence to the world and set them free to live among us. Well, obviously someone didnt want it to happen and that brings us back to the plane, where they kidnapped Leila and forced her father to pilot the plane straight to the President to kill him. And see that blue rays of light? it was one of their technology, sort of like teleport or something cause the plane reappear in Arizona!! All the passenger got out from the plane safely but there are some helicopter moves towards them and Sean already left to find his gf. He collapsed in the middle of desert and woke up in a hospital. Local police recognise him as a suspect murderer and Sean was on a run again and got caught by 2 FBI agent. they drove back to HQ and they hit the roads where the plane got crash. Sean recognise the place but the FBI wont believe him. Some local police, obviously one of them who disguise as a police told the to move to another road coz the road is closed. Juz about when the car was gonna turn around, it were hit by a truck. Sean was okay, the police, one of the FBI and the truck driver was dead and Sean brought the other FBI agent to a motel. Fix her wound, Sean asked for her help to find the women who abducted his gf. FBI arrive brought Sean back to HQ. 2 agents came in claimed to bring up Sean and turns out they were one of them. They start shooting around and Sean and the FBI agent got away. Leila on the other hand was held on some container in ship port. By the end of the episode 3, all the victim of the plane whose supposedly dead was back alive to watch the next episode to find out the truth..