The end in the beginning..

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Previously..on Bones

Brennan suddenly decided to have a baby and requesting Booth to be the sperm donor. It was really a shock to the others, Sweets, Angela, Hodgins, Cam, even Booth himself which kinda funny actually and I couldnt stop smiling watching the story. Then Booth agreed to donate his sperm but he's having troubles with hallucination. In the gravedigger episode, he hallucinate having his army buddy who'd been dead helping him. The same on the hockey ice case, he hallucinate that some hockey star player helping him solved the case. This time, he's hallucinating about Stewie from Family Guys series!! Uh-oh, something is really wrong with Booth here. 

he's hallucinating about some hockey star player
about his dead army buddy..
..and Stewie from Family Guys during interrogation, this more likely have to do with Booth giving his sperm to Brennan, obviously he's not ok with that

So, Brennan convince him to go to the hospital and they found out he got a brain tumor and was prepping for surgery right ahead.

Booth says if he not gonna make it, he wants Bones to have the child using his sperms..

..which brings us to the last episode of Bones season 4 which is really different from what we've seen before

Basically the whole episode is like a weird dream for Booth during his 4-days of coma. It was totally weird. So let me introduce the character with their new roles in here:

Agent Seeley Booth - Owner of Club named The Lab (Jeffersonian's lab actually)
Dr Temperance Brennan - Booth's wife
Zack = Brennan’s assistant
Wendell = the club’s “doorman”/Booth’s heavy
Fisher = the club’s chef
Vincent Nigel-Murray = the club’s DJ
Angela = the club’s hostess
Hodgins = a pulp mystery writer who frequents the bar
Sweets = a bartender and aspiring musician
Daisy = a… slutty girl who has some unspecified role at the club and no rhythm
Cam = a detective
Jared = Cam’s partner — and he’s still Booth’s brother
Max = a corrupt councilman
Carolyn = the club’s lawyer
Clark = C-Synch, a rapper and MC who wants to play the club
Arastoo = a Persian real estate magnate who wants to buy the club
Gormogon = the name of Sweets’ band
The Gravedigger = a potentially mythical mobster who controls the city, and has Max in his pocket.

He's awake on a bed, with Brennan besides him, wow..I believe each one of us waiting for this moment to happen..haha, nway, then they got a visit from Detective Saroyan and his brother Jared, as a detective because a man got killed on their Club.

they modified they lab to become sort like a bar..nice..
Clark as C-Synch..haha

all the interns also took part in this episode..including our sad friend Zack

turns out the killer was Jared, he kills the guys bcoz he was after Brennan

Sweets and Hodgins

When the dream ended..Booth wakes up from his 4 days of coma..

and he didnt recognize Brennan..
wow..that's the end of season 4, so Im gonna watch the season 5 premiere now to know what happens next..adios!!