the passenger in the oven..

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on October 8, 2010

haha..I've been watching Bones again and I've learned some facts about FBI. I always thought all this Agents and Special Agents got special treatment, cause they were one of the top organization in US. Apparently, in this episode, Bones and Booth have to travel all the way to China cause they got a special request from there to identified 40,000 years old bones. So, they travel by plane of course but Booth, even though he's a special agent, got his own office in the headquarters, he only get to travel in economy class!! haha..which is funny cause he have to sit between two old lady while Bones bought herself a very nice first class ticket well because she is super rich.

Booth place..haha
Bones place, Booth juz come hanging around till he got kick back by the stewardess
..and that's their victim as usual..nice right? haha