the Bones that foam..

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on October 9, 2010

Ok, this one is interesting, not only the case was interesting, the opening story on how they discover the victim body was interesting to. There's a couple who's getting married on a hot air balloon and as soon as both saying 'I do' they gonna do a bungee jumping together.

so they kissed..

..and jump..

..and that what they're moving towards on the ground..real creepy..I bet those couple couldnt 'enjoy' their first night like they've planned to..haha

but this what makes it interesting, they found something moving on the victim chest, so Dr Saroyan cut it open...

..and that green foam-like came out from the body, since no one knows what it is and it might be dangerous, they're on a lockdown..

..and back to watching Bones....


okay, tgk gambar mula2 macam nak tgk kan..sweet~
lepas tu *gulp
sekian~ =p *terus tekan X

ptot ltak "viewer discretion is advised" kt atas 2..
sori eh..jgn smpai xnk sggh blog ni lg plak..huhu

oh pasti singgah jika entry tidak mengerikan ..huehue =p