funniest Bones episode ever..

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on October 9, 2010

Yeah, I know, Bones again?? I'm currently on a non-stop watchin this series and totally obsessed with it. I just can't help it, it just too good to not to share with..haha. Nway, here's another episode, as usual they find a victim, bones to be specific of a siamese twins or conjoined twins which they joined on the posterior or like Booth says; "they're joined at the ass". So, they identified the victims, which wasn't hard at all coz they're not many siamese twins and according to Mr Nigel Murray aka Mr-known-facts-and-really annoying, over the past 500 years, only 600 sets of siamese twins were born. So, Angela could find the ID real quick and learned that the victims were working at aome circus in Texas. So, according to Dr Sweets, people in circus never gonna open up to the outsiders so Booth and Bones are going undercovers as performers. Haha..I thought it was juz a joke at first but they really did it. They even got themselves a mobile home with their name painted on it.


Buck and Wanda or their russian name Boris and Natasya on action..haha

Well, Booth is an excellent knife thrower cause he served in Ranger Army before so it wouldnt be a problem but Bones seems to be a little too much into the act and wanted Booth to throw a knife on a red-clown-nose on her nose. Thank God Booth didnt miss it. Even the others at the Jeffersonian were wactching it live thru a webcam..haha.

they needed a faster transport to make an arrest, so they took the bike..haha

damn, I juz love this shows...