The part of the sum of the whole truth..

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Wow..a very special episode. It told us how Booth and Brennan really meets each other at for the first time. It wasn't the pilot episode who brought them together, it was a about a year before that. Booth was still a heavy gambler and still has his ridiculous hairstyle, don't have its own office, Camile still works at the FBI or course, Hodgins and Zack barely knew each other, Angela works as an street artist (could you believe that), and Jeffersonian still didn't have the kind of technology they have now.

Ok, here's how the story goes. 

Dr Sweets gonna publish his book about Booth and Brennan soon and he give them both a copy of the book to hear they thought. So, Booth and Brennan pay a visit on Sweets to tell them some of the fact were wrong like the first case Sweets thought was the first case they work together, turns out to be wrong. They did work with each other once before. It was a case of Emma something that authority has given up but Booth doesn't. Cam told Booth to seek help from Jeffersonian and there where he meets Brennan and the others.

here's the flashback...
Booth once a heavy gambler..with ridiculous hair..haha

Cam suggest Booth go to Jeffersonian for a help with his case

They first met each other

Brennan 'recruiting' Angela to do facial reconstruction

Booth didnt have his big office yet

They did kiss Sweets was suprised

they had argument after that about the case and never met until the Pilot episode

Back to this day....
Sweets told they both messed up, he encourage Booth to tell his feeling towards Brennan

Finally!! Booth express his feeling to Brennan

Brennan refuses..she never gonna change they way she is and she thought Booth deserves better..

wow..poor Booth..but at least they still gonna work together after this. Let see if Booth really gonna move on...