Mafia II - review

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on September 2, 2010

Finally, after 8 years long waited since the first game in 2002, Mafia, Mafia 2 has came out. With a GTA-like kind of game which is for me is better, this isnt kind a game that you should miss playing. I really enjoyed playing this kind of games, it like we in the real world, bad world especially, beat up people, robbing car, bank, run off from the police, well since we cannot do all that stuff in the real world, we could try it here. Driving really fast, then crash, got shot, and died, got caught by police, its fun actually coz in the game we'll never die. You can even jump of from hundreds meter building and just ended up on hospital..haha. When we got a mission or something, we could hijack people car, drove it all away to the rendezvous point, we could drive freely as long as we're not dead. Then, we get to shoot other people with lots kind of firepower and guns, pursue enemy in many kind of way, boats, helicopters, named it. I've played 3 this kind of games before and all of its was totally worth playing:

1.Saboteur - set on Germany, and fight against Nazi. More on disguise-as-enemy-when-entering-enemy-base kind of games. Lots of jumping through buildings too.

2.GTA 4 - Lots of thing could be done, GTA 3 has more though, great storyline, involving pursuing enemy with boat then jumps on helicopter, whew..awesome..robbing a big bank and got pursued by swat and police. More action with large scale effect.

and last but definitely not least

3.Mafia 2 - set up in America on 1940s, with all the group of Mafia rules the city, doing business, get to join a Mafia family and become rich, got nice house, buy nice suit and so on. More like old-skool game and I loved it!! Nice!! although the mission is not as cool as GTA and Saboteur, i've still enjoyed playing it tough. I even got myself a nice house and car after joining a Mafia family..haha.


Its been only like, 8 hours of playing i'd already got to chapter 10 and got all this. Nice, right?? haha..nway..check out the rating and review of this games on: