Just Cause 2: Damn this mission!!

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on September 8, 2010

I'm playing Just Cause 2 now, since I'd finish Mafia 2 a bit ahead of schedule (just 2 days), so I have no other games besides PES 2010 (which kinda boring rite now, wait for 2011 release). So, I bought the game for 15 bucks, the game I used to played a while before, I've downloaded it of course, then suddenly it gone dunno why. So, to download the whole 7gb thing is kinda take time so I've decided to spent some money, Its been a while too since I bought game, most of them I just download on Internet. Long story short, I've been playing quite a while and even though the mouse control sucks, I getting used to it now. But one thing I'll never get used to is handling a plane. Hell, it is really hard. tilt left right and my plane will go round and round. I've never compete in a single plane race in this game coz I know, I wont even get to finish it. So, there's this mission, with Ular Boys, haha..I konw stupid name right? The game took setting on some Asia island, most likely Malaysia I think coz all the place is refer as 'Kampung', 'Jalan', 'Tanah' and there;s a military base name 'Gunung Gila Pangkat' haha..nway..back to the mission, Its called Fry Me To The Moon. 1st I need to destroy all 3 satellite on top of all 3 rocket ready to launch in 10 minutes. All the rocket were place separated like 1KM away so I've to act fast and I manage to finish it under 5min..haha, nice, right?

then suddenly the Ular Boys leader contact me saying that there is 4th rocket ready to be launch any minute now and I have to destroy it on mid-air using plane!! damn!! So I grab a plane and my 1st attemp my plane crash on some building, so I've try again, I manage to get my plane un-crush and go after the rockets but since Im sucks at driving this things, I can get to target the rocket and hit it with machince gun. So, after like the 10th attempt..haha, I still cannot get on target with the plane so with anger burning inside me, I just crash my plane to the rocket. Guess what? it worked!! haha..I save my game like 3 times after that to make sure I didnt have to repeat this hell mission again...haha.

This is what supposedly happen, shoot the thing down, but instead i just hit it with ny plane and get out with parachute in time..haha..lucky me..