the Gormogon's case..

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on September 29, 2010

alright, i gotta shared this interesting case in Bones. Unlike any other crime-fighting series i've watched before, there's nothing as bizarre and horror, gross u name it than this Gormogon's serial killer case. Here how its started, on the premier of Bones season 3, they found a skull got thrown and stuck onto some youngsters car windshield. Apparently, it just not a usual case they got cause as they found the victims body, who turned out to be some violinist, there was some teeth marks on the bones proving that the victim was chewed by freakin human!! so they're dealing with cannibalism here. Then, they discover some sort of old building, with a large vault inside of it and inside the vault they discover many old artifacts like a ritual place and the found a skeletal bones posed like this:

most of the bones was somekind of metal but there some part of the body is actually human bones, apparently not one but five of them. So we're talking about some really psychotic serial killer who not just eat the victim's flesh but also took some part of their victims bones for example the violinist, the killer took his pinky finger that was insured for 1 million dollar at put on the skeletal above. Dr Hodgins believes that its was some kind of ritual and until now (i've only watched till episode 8 so far), they still couldnt capture the killer aka Gormogon..

and in episode 8, which i've been watching right now, they found another skeletal with the same posed as skeletal above but no metal, completely human bones:

and so far, Dr Zack has discovered 18 different victims on the skeletal above and he still not done. Just imagine how sick is it that the killer actually kill multiple victims, eat their flesh off, ripped out their bones and combine it together to built skeletal above and posed it like that? wow..i gotta say, im looking forward to see how they caught that bastard killer.