the boy in the time capsule..

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on September 28, 2010

u know what a time capsule? it's not some time-traveling-weird-stuff, its just a tradition in several school, high school usually, in US, as far as i know. what they did was, they gather a group of student, or batch or something, and everyone has to put their own things like, favorite things in high school, pictures, letter of will or whatever they want to be remembered of inside a box, a chest and buried it into the ground at the school. then, after 20 years maybe, they gather around again, dig up the buried chest to see whatever they put in there to brings back the memories. its actually kinda nice right? why we didnt do it here in our country? haha, nway its about this series Bones i've been watched, where they dug up the chest and there something else turned up to be in that chest and guess what? it is a freakin HUMAN BONES..haha, how scary is that? turns out it was the bones of one of the student there that was killed 20 years ago. how the hell did he ended up in that chest? im gonna find up rite now...

here the picture of the time capsule with human remains:

how's that? it probably not a good idea to watch this series while eating..but im totally fine with it!! haha