FRINGE - The Next Chapter

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on September 24, 2010

The most promising series is back for the third season now. I've just finished watching the season premiere and its truly not a disappointment like Chuck. Season 2 wrapped up with the real Olivia got stuck on the other side of the universe, while the other Olivia, assuming the bad ones, manage to snick in to this universe along with Peter and Walter as Olivia, considering she is Olivia just from different sides so it would be no problem at all. So she becomes sort of an undercover agent here and report back all progresses to the other Walter, Walternate. The premier season 3 starts with how they treated the real Olivia who got stuck and imprison at the other universe by Walternate. They try to planted the bad Olivia memories inside her and in the end it seems to work. Personally I think Olivia just fake it, well she did got the memory but she still in control, and the other Olivia, the bad ones was also pretty much adapting with this side of world where she's facing the not-serious-not-secretary-of-defense Walter and her new lover Peter Bishop. Can't wait for what coming up next, overall, this series is BRILLIANT!!!!!!