we nailed it..AGAIN!!!

Filed Under (), (), () by hafizhans on August 22, 2010

BOOYAH!!! another 6-0 win, which makes 12 goal in just two matches and no goal conceded, what a start!!! haha..I got to say, judging from the first 20 minutes or so, Wigan dominated the whole game and Chelsea only got 1 shot on goal. Uh-oh. Then 1st goal came from Malouda until the end of the 1st half. Early 2nd half, Anelka put a double with help from nicely play Drogba and nice pass from guess who? Freakin Mikel!! haha, he's getting better these day I guess. Then Malouda makes way for Kalou, and that brat scores another two with both assist from his countrymen Drogba, and set up another goal for that son of a bitch Benayoun..damn..it shouldnt be Lampard who scored that kind of goal..nway, its another goals galore for Chelsea and we deserve every single of it. That new boy Ramires didnt even in yet, if he's going to replace Mikel, I think it would 10-0 or something..haha. Nice jobs guys..really nice.

p/s to Anelka : if you're fasting, that really amazing..huhu, happy berbuka puasa la, someday i'll treat u Murtabak Harimau UTM..haha
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