the moment of truth..

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on August 23, 2010

no doubt!! its the climax for season 4 Burn Notice. Jesse finally learns the truth!! Here how it goes, at the start of season 4, Michael do some job requiring him to get some government file from certain company. Michael was able to retrieve the document smoothly but turn out, Jesse, another spy working on that place was accused for stealing it and got caught which makes Michael accidentally burned a spy!! Hah..what an irony, a burned spy burned another spy. Anyway, Michael is a good guy, he felt guilt on himself and try to help Jesse to clear his name without telling Jesse that he's the one who burned him. They do their mission together and they makes a good team until right now, episode 11, Jesse finally learn that Michael was the one who burned him and he really, really pissed. God know what will he do to make them pay. More on next week episode..