Psych..he claims to be psychic..

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on August 16, 2010

what up!! haha..juz discover another great series to fill up my empty-series-schedule-due-to-lack-of great series-these-days event. Nway, the story is about a man, Shawn Spencer, who had a special ability of noticing and remembering things, details, even a small one, which make him a genius in solving many cases and problem. He started to work for the police department, as a psychic, he claims it himself, and together with his partner Gus, they opened a private detective company named psych, as for psychic and together they solved many cases.Its funny watching these two always arguing about something and it makes the story more interesting.

plus imdb rating is 8.8!! nothin get past me when the rating is that high..haha
i'm a man of rating..