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Alrighty, here's another good series i've been watching this lately and i thought i might share it with you guys.

The story is about an FBI agent named Agent Seeley Booth (man pic above) who got a case file involving bones or human remains. So, in order to figure out the crime, he had help from a forensic anthropologist, Dr Temperance "Bones" Brennan (woman pic above) who is a genius in researching on bones, human bones especially. From juz looking at the bones with naked eyes, she can actually know the bones sex, age, which makes her an excellent partner to Booth and quite and asset to the FBI. an of course she had help from her team, Angela Montenegro, a forensic artist who could build actual human faces from the bones and design some 3-dimensional feature for the bones (really amazing technology). Then there is Dr Zack Addy, a brilliant young doctor who started as an assistant for Brennan and become one like Brennan himself. Next is Dr Jack Hodgins, an entomologist who expert in spores and minerals who'd also happen to be really really rich, get this, Zack actually live with him but Zack also live in his garage, who happen to be really big, got many rooms and so on and Zack never actualy go to the main house, Jack's house, because there is a tennis court and pond in between them. Seriously, how rich is that? haha..nway, im just starting to see this series and it looks really promising especially when im running out of series rite know. haha. Try and see it, who knows you might love it like i do cause all my series is top class, highly rated because im a man of rating..haha

here's some snapshot from the series, it might give you guys an idea how its like:

 now this the 3D technology i've been talking about

seriously, that thing really can generate human face from the bones

it can even shows what the crime looks like, awesome..rite??

Dr Jack (left) with Dr Brennan analyzing the bones..

Dr Zack Addy in action..he's really a nerd guy..haha

that all for Bones series review. More info can visit below websites:


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