Burn Notice Season 4 exclusive review..

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on August 28, 2010

the 4th season isn't end yet, more likely on the break and will return on November..wth. Nway, here the story so far:

at the beginning of the season, Michael has to work for Vaughn and his first mission was to get a certain information on the government

and an agent named Jesse Porter, who've been working on that information for quite some time has been accused for what Michael had done. In other words, Michael just burned a spy.

and so, Michael felt guilty on his action and offer his help to Jesse to clear his name, without telling him that he's the one who'd burned him. After working together for quite some time, 10 episode to be precise, they found some coded bible that lead them to a very powerful man name John Barret and together they wants to take him down and Jesse can clear his name.

this is John Barret, i bet you can see the evil face of him. They set up a meeting with him on Miami to take him down once and for all. Well, everything went well until Jesse learns the truth that Michael was the one who burned him.

Now, Jesse wanted to kill Michael himself. Michael try to persuade Jesse to work together again but Jesse refuse to do so.

So, Michael set up the meeting alone, with Fiona and Sam back him up.

It all went up well until that stupid Vaughn and his men interrupted everything.

Barret ask him men to seize Michael and suddenly Jesse was there too and he shot Barret's man through Michael and Michael was badly injured.

Barret then grab injured-Michael into the car and storm off. Due to Michael bravery, he turned off the steering and the car went upside down.

I dont know whether Barret survive this crash but Michael is pretty much dying on above picture. Then suddenly someone came and took the case containing the encoded bible.

who was it? i dunno, but i think it's Jesse..well, we never know the truth until the series continues on November. Damn..another good series on break, which left me with Psych and Scrubs to watch..haha. That pretty much of what going on in 12 episode of Burn Notice and of course, this is just the main storyline, they'll be doing different gig to help people on every episode.