World Champions collapsed...

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on June 25, 2010

From Hero in 2006, to Zero in this 2010 World Cup. The best words to describe Italian sides who'd finish last in Group F with two points, after a draw with Paraguay and New Zealand and just now lose to Slovakian side with 2-3 scoreline. what a shock for Italian fans seeing their teams beaten by small country like Slovakia, hell, even Slovakian couldn't believe it either that they had just trash the 2006 World Champions. Robert Vittek become a hero for Slovakia after scoring two goals in both half of the match. Then, Italian starts to find their paces and scored a goal through Di Natale on 81st minutes before another goal by Quaglirella was disallowed because he's slightly in offside position. Then, another poor defending from Italian gives another goal to Kopunek who'd just arrive from the bench and his first touch was a crucial goal for Slovakia. Quagriella then scored an astonishing goal past the keeper in 90++ minutes but it wasn't enough for Italian sides to equalise the goal in time and sent them back home full with shame.