WC 2010 : England..wth??

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on June 22, 2010

Many football fans had claims that this is the worst-boring World Cup ever. Me? I dunno, I mean, its the first ever World Cup I really actually look into cause on 2002 I was only twelve, didn't care at all about football, then on 2006, I started to have interest in football cause all my friend does at that time but the World Cup took place when I was in college, so, I'd only had a chance to watch the final match between Italy and France, which like a havoc, watching it on Dewan Selera on the middle of the night and of course with the permission of the warden. I think it is the once-in-a-lifetime occasion cause after the mess that we left, i doubted they gonna let next generation student to do the same thing again..haha..my friend even paint his face and hairs with blue-white-red france stripes and ended up took hours cleaning it up. Now, its 2010, my interest towards football is even crazier especially EPL, when my favourite club, Chelsea had won the FA Cup and Premier League. Since my house already have subscribe Astro packages, I'd watch almost all EPL matches this season. Now, it is off-season plus semester break, it is perfect to watch 2010 World Cup. Initially I'm a big fan of English football so my World Cup's team favorite will be England cause they also got a good record on qualification rounds. Unfortunately, for us, England supporters, we only got a draw in the first two match which leaves us with only two points and only a goal scored by captain Steven Gerrard. It is not that we're facing such tough opponent, well USA is quite tough, but Algeria? Come on..we can even scored a single goal?? wth?? Rooney who was excellent in Premier League with Man U had suddenly become Roo-bish and ended up blaming the fans as "loyal" for booing them when they got a draw with Algeria few days ago. Frankly, I have no idea why England plays really sucks, passes not complete, keep losing the ball, defense not great but we did have the many talented player on the field. Last night, I watched Portugal kick Korea DPR asses with 7 goals. Wow..it is a record for World Cup finals. When I watch their performance on first game against Cote D'Ivoire, it really sucks but they come back with styles and won this one with 7 goals by six different players, six of them in the 2nd half. Why cant England be like that? I'm not hoping for 6, or 7 goals, 1 goals is enough if it could secure a win for England. Last chance for England to march to the last 16 is against Slovenia who'd already had a draw and a win, 4 points. They had actually lead by 2 goals against USA last match but USA manage to secure a 2-2 draw. Even Spain has arise from dead after losing to Swiss side and won against Honduras last night which I was planning on watching but ended up sleeping..haha. Well, lets just hope that Capello's side will improve their performance against Slovenia otherwise they have to pack early back to their country with shame...