Scrubs - totally hilarious!!

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on June 22, 2010

"I can't do this all own my own,
no i know,
i'm no Superman..."
(Scrubs opening songs..)

Hahahaha..the funniest series ever!! Its even funnier than How I Met Your Mother series. The series is about the life of Dr John Dorian, J.D in short (right-bottom-blue scrubs) as an intern student at first and the became a resident as a Doctor in Sacred Heart hospital. He and Turk (left-up-green scrubs) was a best friend since high school and now work in the same hospital and live in the same apartment. He is a surgeon thus the green scrubs. Upper-left in the picture would be the evil Chief of medicine of the hospital, Dr Bob Kelso who's only cares about profit despite his patient and employee. Always fought with Dr Cox (beside him) in many funny matters. Dr Cox, my favorite character in this series is a total jackass but sometimes there a part of him that less jackass, he's nice actually, same like Dr Gregory House in House series. I totally can't imagine if the actually in the same hospital. Patient will die as soon as they reach the front door..hahah..but both of them are a really good doctor of course. Dr Cox is a senior doctor here, so he is a mentor to J.D and Dr Elliot Reid. Elliot Reid is another doctor here like J.D, they're both medical hence the blue scrubs, they came together as an intern student, and romantically involved with each other couples of times. Next is Carla Espinosa, Turk's fiancee, unlike the others, she is a nurse thus the maroon scrubs. The other important character is known as the 'Janitor' cause well, he's a janitor in the hospital, the only one I think. He's really a jackass in the different way than Dr Cox and only to J.D and it is really funny to watch him and J.D kick each other asses, n of course J.D had ass-kicked most..haha..cause he's a dork..haha. It all started when J.D first came to the hospital, and the Janitor was fixing the door and J.D trying to make conversation with him:

J.D: maybe there's a paper clip stuck in there
Janitor: What? How did you know? Did u put in there??
J.D: no, no, i'm just guessing
Janitor: If I find a paper clip, i'll find u!
J.D: what? uh-oh, i gotta go..
Janitor: I'll be watching u!!!!!!

and since that incident, the Janitor always find a way to bully J.D..haha..he even borrow J.D scrubs and coat on his son's dad-career-day, and pose a Dr Jan laughing to myself just now just by thinking of it..huhu. I'm only watch until the 2nd season and still 7 season to go, that's all i can write for now.