England meet Germany after all...

Filed Under (), () by hafizhans on June 24, 2010

A goal from Ozil is enough for Germany side to finish at the top of group D and will be facing England in the next round. In their local paper, it is mentioned that they still fear Wayne Rooney of England cause he's a like a time bomb, juz waiting to explode. A rumors also goes by saying that the English side will be facing the new "German", I dont know maybe their change their tactic, formation or lineup or something. Even Germany's legend, Frank Beckenbauer slams England and Capello as 'stupid' for finishing second cause now they gonna be facing against each other, I dunno, maybe he's afraid or something..haha, but last encounter, in 1990, they did beat England in penalty shoot out 5-3. Well, it is and old story I suppose, maybe this time will be different, especially with the unexpected 'Jabulani' ball which many players and manager had their blame on for losing opportunity to scored or win or even conceded a stupid goal like Robert Green. Some experts also predicting that England may kick out before the final coz after their facing Germany, and win, they gonna be facing highly possible Argentina, then Spain and then Brazil or Netherlands..wow..that juz crazy..coz never in WC history one side needs to face too many best team at once, well, it is possible to meet like two of them but four? cmon..it's crazy!! Well, it is possible for England to beat Germany, and it is a maybe for England to beat Germany and Argentina, but to beat, Germany, Argentina, Spain? plus Brazil? wow..it almost impossible. But it still the word 'almost' there..who knows if England will made it to the final? Let juz hope Rooney will unleash the Devil inside him, Lampard will match up his performance in Chelsea, Barry, Johnson still need to improve, Terry, A.Cole and Gerard must keep up their good performance and Capello to still have an ultimate trick in his sleeve coz it still a long way to the final..